Jillian Hennessy

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Date of Birth: 11/25/1968

Age: 47

Place of Birth: Edmonton

Citizenship: Canada


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Gillian Hennessy was born November 25, 1968 in Canada. She is a famous actress of film and television.

Jill Hennessy was born in a large Canadian city of Edmonton. Not bezteresnym fact is that she has a twin sister, which, as it runs a professional actress.

At the very young age of the mother left the twin sisters foster father. At that time he was involved in the sale of a variety of foods, in particular engaged in the supply of meat products across the country.

Jill has roots of different peoples and nationalities. In her veins krovirlandskih, Italian, Swiss, French and Ukrainian nationalities. That is why the actress has a bright appearance is very emotional and expressive temperament.

Jill Hennessy is a graduate of the College of the Grand River. After graduating she moved to New York where he took seriously his acting career.

Funds for the existence of a aspiring actress was quite a bit, so she had to look for jobs in different jobs. So she did not hesitate to sing in the subway.

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