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Popular American actress. Her most famous role - the character "LA Law" TV series (1986-1994), a lawyer Anne Kesli.

Jill Eikenberry was born January 21, 1947, in New Haven, in Connecticut, and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. Currently, the actress lives with her family in New York.

At the time, the actress was in college Barnard College, where she began to study anthropology, but stayed there for long, because soon entered the Yale School of Drama.

Soon, Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker had met. It happened on the stage in Washington (DC) , where they played together in the play "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" (1970). In 1973, the year she married Tucker. The newlyweds settled in New York. They were engaged in the education of their common son, as well as - the daughter of Michael from his first marriage. In the seventies, the actress is actively starred in television movies, among which was the debut reel of film "They`ve Killed President Lincoln" (1971). Around the same time, the actress first performed on Broadway.

Still very popular Jill Eikenberry began in 1986, when he first appeared in the TV series "LA Law".After - the actress began with health problems (Jill detect breast cancer) . This coincided with disruptions in the actor`s life Jill - then the actress and her husband, Michael moved to Hollywood.

Gill `s disease was of great importance in family life. In 1989-the year of the spouses jointly produced television documentaries on the subject - it spoke of malignant diseases, those who carried them, including herself, Jill, Nancy Reagan, and other well-known personalities.

Despite the difficulties, Jill went on to appear in television movies over the next ten years ,continuing to participate in the series "LA Law". Serial movie was more than a success, including - from a financial point of view. With the money, Jill and her husband have released a number of television films, including "Assault and Matrimony" (1987) , "The Secret Life of Archie`s Wife" (1990) , "A Town Torn Apart" (1992)"Gone in a Heartbeat" (1996).

actress creative activity has been repeatedly rewarded. Talented Jill Eikenberry won "Obie Award" awards, "Emmy", "Golden Globe".

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