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Executive editor of `The New York Times`. He took office in September of 2011 ; previously, the entire 160 - year history of the newspaper ,women occupy the chair of the executive editor was not possible.

Abramson was born in New York City ; Bachelor`s degree in history and literature she received the Harvard (Harvard University).

Even when he was a student at Abramson served as art editor of `The Harvard Independent`; between th 1976- 1973th Gill worked in the journal `Time`. After `Time` Abramson spent almost ten years in ` The American Lawyer`.

In 1986, Jill Abramson became managing editor of the Washington publication `Legal Times`; She held this post for two years. With th 1988 to 1997-th Abramson was one of the leading reporters in Washington the same division `The Wall Street Journal`; eventually she was able to rise to deputy head of the whole unit.

In 1997, Gill moved to the `New York Times`; initially she led the Washington department of this newspaper. It Abramson directed the newspaper during the events of the spring of 2003 - the war in Iraq (Iraq) and Jason Blair scandal with (Jayson Blair). It was the events of that spring forced the executive editor Howell Raines (Howell Raines) and managing editor Gerald Boyd (Gerald Boyd) to resign ;very soon ` naslednik` Raines Bill Keller (Bill Keller) said that the position of managing editor Jill Abramson will take it.

In 1995, Abramson and her fellow journalist Jane Mayer (Jane Mayer) released the book `Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas`;this book in detail told the story of Judge Clarence Thomas (Clarence Thomas).

He worked as a professor at Princeton University (Princeton University) From 2000 to 2001, Jill Abramson. In 2001, Gill admitted to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences).

In February, 2007-Abramson of the US acted as a witness in the case against ` Scooter Libbi` (United States v. Libby).

June 2, 2011 - th it was announced that Jill Abramson takes over as executive editor of `The New York Times`; previous editor, Bill Keller, the newspaper decided to leave in order to concentrate on writing.It occupies the editorial chair Jill Abramson, and to this day

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Jill Abramson picture
Jill Abramson photo
Jill Abramson image
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