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Year of birth: 1979

Age: 36 years

Citizenship: SShAOriginalnoe name: Jihan Jeffers

Original name: Jihan JeffersBiography

Of Eve,Californian Jihan Jeffers (Jihan Jeffers) born in 1979, It was a difficult child - a sort of a tomboy in a skirt. .. Although, maybe this is the explanation for the fact that it can be attributed to one of the "heritage" of persons in the rap industry for the period 1999.

No,Eve does not hang on the photo booth "She is looking for the police" -one nobody beat and kill. It just worked very fruitfully. Posudite themselves : "Girlfriend / Boyfriend" (BLACKSTREET), "What Ya Want" (RUFF RYDERS), "Hot Boyz" (Missy Elliot), and finally, "You Got Me" (THE ROOTS),THE ROOTS of which were the best in the last, " the Grammy " in the category " Rap duo / group recording " -all this is an incomplete list of singles in the top of the charts ,

and all of them participate directly Eve.

And it is not because of its debut album, "Let There Be. .. Ruff Ryders" First Lady. "Nevertheless,in spite of all these achievements and in view of its young age, her path was not strewn with rose petals. .. Father and mother Eve They separated when she was 12 years old. Left in the care of his mother and grandmother, she still had the opportunity to see his father, which makes up to 18 years. 2 years after the divorce,her mother remarried, resulting in Eve appeared brother Farrod. At school, she is best known for his plays, poems, and short little stories, which she even won in various school literary competitions. As a teenager, the future star was singing to a female participant - reading - dancing team EDJP and was known under the name Gangsta.After several speeches mountain - band broke up, and Eve decided to hit the solo, taking the name Eve Of Destruction.Speaking at private parties, clubs and all kinds of talent contests, she gradually achieved some recognition. But apparently, it is still not satisfied with how advanced her case,as Eve once vowed that it would abandon its aspirations to achieve something in the field of music, if it is not a dream come true 21 years. With regard to education, the problems were with him: "I was damned bandit, - says of Eve - and was not even thinking about how to finish school I did not think that I will finish it. .. "..Perhaps it was a "difficult age", and maybe something else. .. but after graduation behavior "bad girl" has not changed. At that time, her mother re- marries. Naturally, in such cases, there are any changes in your personal life. There have been changes and Eve: the new life she feels uncomfortable and disappointed,podumyvaya seriously about leaving doma.I once in the company of her friends, she performs night trip to New York. The result is a work in the "Golden Lady Strip Club", and in our opinion - just a strip club (and that work is not dusty and when you get good cards up to 400 dollars per night?). But, having worked quite a bit of a stripper,of Eve, which appeared under pseudonyms Mystique (The mystery), Cinnamon (Cinnamon) and Ginger (Ginger) I realized the futility of this work. "It was a period of depression, I knew I was should not be there I have had a mom and had a house -.. That`s something that I had to seek. .." - says of Eve. Luckily for her,one day on his way she met a retired rapper Mase, who is "blessed" of Eve on the withdrawal from the strip and forced her to put the bar higher than the level of his career "lascivious" work. "He talked to me for about two hours, - says of Eve, - he said that I was too smart for that, than I was engaged in,and if I want to achieve something in life, you must give up the strip and start making rap. .. "And she followed the advice of Mase. Then one day she appeared in the doorway of Michael Lynn, who was involved in the affairs of Dr. Dre "evskogo label Aftermath Entertainment. There was an audition,after which Eve Lynn promised to carry her to California to work with Dr. themselves Dre.But at the very Eve is the promise of no effect: "I have been on many auditions and was familiar with this mechanism, I reacted to his promise as follows: If he would call - the call if you do not call. - do not call, but he rang and rang the next day..I auditioned on Saturday, and he called on Sunday. "Eve moved to LosAngeles and recorded in Dr. Dre in the studio demo tape consisting of three songs, one of which -" Eve Of Destruction "- entered in" Bulworth "soundtrack Unfortunately, Dre`s too busy with his souped- label., and one-year contract with Eve did not bring anything of interest to both sides -Eve has not been able to move forward to his debut album. Still in L.A., Beskontraktnaya Eve establishes a relationship with the DMX begins, which is preparing to release his debut album "It" s Dark And Hell Is Hot ", then headed the top of the charts. The result was that, She was soon invited to the Ruff Ryders Records, where she was asked to compete in readability with Drag-On and Infa Red. "I was shaking with fear, because I knew that my level is much lower than them, and if I screw up, the RR would not sign a contract with me," - recalls Eve. But all went well, so that the contract was signed with it.Her debut work on the new label was the single "What Ya Want", which entered the compilation RUFF RYDERS "Ryde Or Die (Vol. 1) " received extensive airplay. It Eve acted not only as a talented MC, but also demonstrated their ability in a style as mambo. Finally, releasing his debut album,of Eve has become one of the brightest stars of 1999shine in the firmament of rap. This is not surprising - who searches always finds, and if the same person is talented, sooner or later it is bound to succeed. It is at the beginning of his way, and we hope that this path will be as long as possible, and the farther it will go,the brighter will be the trace left by it. ..

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