Jeyms Jerom Gibson

Picture of Jeyms Jerom Gibson

Date of Birth: 01/27/1904

Age: 75

Place of Birth: Mac Konnelsvill

Citizenship: United States


Gibson (Gibson) James Jerome (1904 Makkonelsvill, Ohio, USA - 19.12.1979 Ithaca, New York) - American psychologist, and one the founders of the environmental psychology. From 1922 to 1928 he was educated at Princeton University, EB student Holt, author of the motor theory of consciousness. He taught at Smith College before the start of the Second World War, then worked on the training flight training at military bases in Texas and California. Then he worked at Cornell University. on the perception of the problems of specialist. He developed the foundations of a new science, which he called ecological optics, the aim of which is to analyze how the body sees the environment in which it operates actively. His approach was recognized that not only individual feelings but also the integral features of the images due to external stimulation.


An ecological approach to visual perception. M .: Progress, 1988.