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Date of Birth: 03/29/1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: California


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Jessica Chastain was born - then still Jessica Howard (Jessica Howard) - Northern California (Northern California). the girl`s father was a fireman, his mother - a chef who specializes in vegetarian cuisine. In nine years, Jessica first took up dancing; at 13 she has already appeared in local dance troupe.

In the future, as a stage name Jessica chose the maiden name of his mother. While still in school, Jessica was actively involved in the local drama circle of life; later it happened several times to take part in student theater productions and movies. Very often a young actress to ever get used to the images of Shakespeare`s heroines. Especially good performance in a production of Romeo and Juliet `` ( `Romeo & Juliet`) finally convinced Chastain attempt to become a professional actress. Of course, at first the girl was to receive a proper education; with this, but Chastain coping - becoming the first representative of his family to go to college. Through scholarships Robin Williams (Robin Williams), Jessica even managed to break into the ranks of the group `` Crew 32. Even before the start of filming the actress had a chance to play in the production of `Othello `(` Othello `) together with the very Philip Seymour Hoffman (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

For the first time on the TV screen Chastain made in 2004; she got the role in the full-length version of the television series Dark Shadows `` ( `Dark Shadows`). Some time Jessica was shot mainly in the series - like `Ambulance` ( `ER`), `Veronica Mars` ( ??`Veronica Mars`), `Next to the house` ( `Close to Home`) and `Law & Order: Trial by Jury `(` Law & Order: Trial By Jury`).

In 2008, Jessica made her debut on the silver screen - Chastain starred in the film Jolene `` ( `Jolene`); the role of this later brought Jessica prize at the International Film Festival in Seattle (Seattle International Film Festival Award) in the category `Best Actress`.

In the next picture Chastain played the role of a young employee of the Mossad; Payback movie `` ( `The Debt`) John Madden (John Madden) was demonstrated for the first time moviegoers in 2010 at festivals. Officially, the film was released in theaters until August of 2011.

2011 year in general was for Jessica`s pretty productive - the actress played in the drama by Terrence Malick (Terrence Malick) `Tree of Life` ( `The Tree of Life`) and the psychological thriller Aimee Mann (Ami Mann) `Field` ( `Texas Killing Fields `).

Jessica admitted that shooting in `Tree zhizni` were for her incredible experience. The actress was literally conquered by Malik directorial style - from the thought that he is not so much making a film as enables real life take place under the supervision of cameras assigned to him.

Chastain has already finished shooting the film version of `Salomeya` (` Salome`) Oscar Wilde (Oscar Wilde); with her in the film itself was shot Al Pacino (Al Pacino). It is known that Al Pacino Jessica personally selected for the lead role; later it was on the advice of Pacino Terrence Malick took Chastain in `Tree zhizni`.

The most recent project with Jessica was the picture of John Hillkoata `Lawless` ( `The Wettest County in the World`).

I do not parted Chastain and the theater; she still regularly plays in various classical productions like `Salome` `Othello `and` `The Cherry Orchard. As you work, Jessica regularly travels from New York (New York) to Los Angeles (Los Angeles) and back.

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