Jermen Gvishiany

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Date of Birth: 12/24/1928

Age: 87

Citizenship: Russia


In 1951 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Relations. In 1951-55 he served in the Navy. Since 1955 works at the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers on the new technology, since 1965 deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology. In 1960-68 he taught at the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. Head of the Laboratory of Control issledovaniyakompleksnyh Institute of Concrete Social Research, Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1969). It conducts scientific work on governance and social organization. Author of "Business Sociology" (1962), "The social role of science and science policy" (1968), "Organization and Management" (1970), and others. He was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and medals.

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