Jeremy Northam

Picture of Jeremy Northam

Date of Birth: 01/12/1961

Age: 54

Place of birth: Cambridge

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Jeremy Northam - full of promise, a British actor, was known on both sides of the ocean thanks to the acting talent and hard work. With no ties to Hollywood, the actor was able to draw attention to the person and work of theater today, his film career is growing rapidly.

Jeremy Northam was born on December 1, 1961 in Cambridge - famous English university town. His parents were professors at the University of Cambridge. Mother - Rachel, was a painter-sculptor, was engaged in modeling and conducted at the University of his master class. The family grew four children, Jeremy was the youngest. Father Jeremy Northam John, professor of literature, English language specialist, translated many foreign authors. Most known for his translations of Ibsen. Jeremy`s family lived a wealthy life, the actor says that the most valuable things in the house were the books. Jeremy soon learned to read and when the parents identified him in elementary school, teachers have offered to translate Jeremy immediately into two classes above. Perhaps the fascination with his father`s translations of plays played a role in that, starting at age six, Jeremy Northam began to take part in the children`s theater productions.

When Jeremy Northam was eleven years old, his family moved to Bristol.

After high school, Jeremy Northam began to study English language and literature at the philological department of the University of London. The study of literature, in turn, has led Jeremy to the prestigious School of Theatre Vic, giving classical theater education and training acting. After graduating from this institution, Jeremy Northam for some time been engaged in regional theaters productions. This work was a good practice for the novice actor. Two years later, Jeremy Northam became involved in the performances of the London theaters.

In 1989, the event has helped Jeremy Northam declare itself in full voice. Renowned actor Daniel Day-Lewis, rehearsing Hamlet, due to a nervous breakdown could not continue to take part in work on the show. The new production of Theatre Royal was in jeopardy. In the end, the director still has entrusted the role of Hamlet understudy Daniel Day-Lewis - Jeremy Northam. Thus, an unknown actor into the limelight. Responsibility was so great, and the chance to fall was so great that Jeremy, because of nervous tension, just did not hit the hospital. Acting, which showed Jeremy Northam in the play, brought praise from critics and journalists and, from that moment on, the actor was schitatschsya rising star of the English stage. Over the next five years, he managed to beat most of Shakespeare at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

In 1990, Jeremy Northam won the prestigious theater prize Olivier Award, the British equivalent of the Tony for his role as Edward Voysey in the play The Voysey Inheritance. A year later, Jeremy Northam tried his hand at cinema. After a series of pictures with little success, Jeremy Northam literally burst onto the screens of America in 1995 with the film Set.Kibertriller with Hollywood star Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam which played a character named Jack Devlin, was in the office with great success and the young British actor immediately drew Attention. Working in Hollywood, Jeremy Northam and does not leave the scene, participating in 2-3 performances every year.

Then, followed by roles in the films: Copycat / Mimic - Mira Sorvino, the spy thriller Enigma, in which he starred opposite Kate Winslet. In 2001, the living classic, director of world renown - Robert Altman (Nashville, ready-to-wear), invited Jeremy Northam in his picture Gosford Park. Ironic gloomy detector Altman, has received rave reviews from critics. In this picture, Jeremy Northam played a character named Ivor Novello, who existed in reality - was a Hollywood star in the 30s.

`In the movie, I have a lot less work than in the theater. But, on the other hand, only in the movies I can play so many different characters and stay in the skin of the most incredible personazhey` - says the actor.