Jenny Hastings

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

Depression as a way to commit suicide nuts

Jenny Hastings - British athlete, the wife of the popular Scottish rugby player and sports commentator Scott Hastings (Scott Hastings).

At first glance life Jenny Hastings was perfect in all respects. Her husband was the star of the sport, children also distinguished by outstanding talents, life was completely undeveloped and indeed Jenny looked more than worthy. The reality, unfortunately, looked much less attractive; over the past 20 years, Jenny has not enjoyed life so much as struggled with serious mental problems. The disease is rolled on her bouts as short as it is destructive. For years, Hastings Jenny concealed condition; Now, however, they decided to tell the world the truth. The public domain has been a lot of horror stories; crown narrated certainly is the story about how Hastings almost committed suicide bag of peanuts.

I do not think that Jenny did not try to win his clinical depression; among other things, Hastings even went to electroshock therapy. Unfortunately, the disease stubbornly refused to surrender; Jenny`s condition was deteriorating before our eyes. At some point, the desperate woman tried to convince her husband to spend more time with friends; Hastings believed that Scott and his comrades would be better than her.

Now Jenny is already openly discuss their problems, but earlier it seemed to her impossible.

Hastings grew up in those days, when depression is not only considered a disease, but also to look something frankly shameful and ridiculous. Jenny was afraid of condemnation from the other - in fact to such a successful woman`s life depression can look like a ridiculous whim; Worse was the fact that it is actively and happily condemned itself. Feeling worthless and disgusting my wife`s mother, Hastings deeper and deeper into the abyss of depression. Tell the world my secret, Jenny received a totally unexpected reaction; surrounding its people have shown an impressive ability to empathize and kindness. During Are not more helpful ways this reaction was nearly than all the medicines in the world. Hastings now hard to believe that a further 4 months ago, she was ready to commit suicide; even more ridiculous looks favorite weapon - Jenny seriously going to kill yourself a bag of peanuts. By purchasing peanuts in `Marks and Spencer`, Hastings parked the car in a convenient location and began to peanuts; woman deep down I am hoping that the allergies to nuts enough to bid farewell to this vale of sorrow. Fortunately, this eccentric success plan failed. After sitting in the car for several hours, Jenny bylavynuzhdena admit that nuts as suicide gun in her case, it is worthless. Allergy hit the already Hastings when she got home; Scott instantly reacted to the fallen into anaphylactic shock spouse vkoly her up adrenaline. Then Scott thought that the proper use of medication he was not taught, and just in case the wife did a shot in the other leg, for reliability.

Now Jenny and Scott may even laugh, remembering the past troubles; Of course, this is black humor very much, but it helps a lot to heal Hastings received in times of emotional wounds. Jenny finds himself living proof that you can overcome any adversity by having a solid support; only gone through hell, Hastings had the opportunity to learn how to enjoy your beautiful life in all respects.