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For the first time on the screen Jam Osmolovskaya appeared in 1957. Then thaw years on the screens of the Soviet Union left a melodrama directed by Vasily Levin`s "The Story of first love," where aspiring actress played a young girl Olga.

The debut in the movie

It should be noted that the picture turned out to be surprisingly bold for its time, because it is the first time discussed the taboo subject orphans and lone motherhood. Filmmakers sincerely and honestly talked about first love school.

Osmolovskaya heroine after her mother`s death, decides to throw a sports school and go to work. A friend of Olga Mitya (Kirill Stolyarov), not wanting to leave his girlfriend in trouble, leads her to him. Sensitive and tactful parents support her son. However, in the school are spreading dirty rumors - and Mitya, unable to withstand the first test, allowing Olga to leave home ...

The picture interweaved another storyline, a completely unthinkable for pictures of those years - a passion PE teacher to pupil.

Given all this, it is surprising how the picture with such a scenario could get on cinema screens - after the Soviet censorship was very scrupulous in matters of morality of the younger generation. But the film was released, making Osmolovskaya known.

Film and personal life

Immediately after his first film Gemma Osmolovskaya starred in a lyrical comedy Sergei Sideleva "The street is full of surprises." The actress played the role of Kate, the bride of the protagonist - sentry Wasi Shanezhkina. And the role of the already popular Shanezhkina performed Kharitonov.

It just so happens - sometimes the actors carry their relationship with the screen to life. This happened between Osmolovskaya and Kharitonov. On the film broke the novel, in which Leonid split from his first wife, Svetlana Haritonova (also an actress).

However, the marriage Gemma and Leonid was short-lived. Do not save him, and the birth of his son Alyosha. Like all the idols, to family life Kharitonov was completely maladjusted, and the couple soon divorced.

The distal eyshaya fate

Roles in "The Story of First Love" and "The street is full of surprises" and have remained the most famous works of Gemma Osmolovskaya in the movie. Melodrama Isidore Ann`s "Sleepless Night" and the film story of Yuri Lysenko, "We, the two men," in which she starred in the years that followed, were ordinary films, do not deserve attention.

In 1964 Osmolovskaya graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School, and was accepted into the troupe of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre, on stage and which still works. In the movie, Gemma G. no longer starred.