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American screenwriter, producer and director. Currently living in Los Angeles. He was educated at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York. Abrams first feature film " Mission Impossible 3 " became the most expensive directorial debut in history. He is married to Kathy McGrath, he has 3 children. World famous Abrams brought sverhuspeshnyh television projects the company "ABC Entertainment" - TV series " Alias ??" and "Lost " have offered extraordinary concept exciting script and using the potential of form television movie fully. Both series for a short time gained a cult status among the audience.Interesting fact : record budget for the pilot episode of "Lost " - $ 12 million - initially angered " the Disney " management, which owns " the ABC ", but soon, given the popularity of the series, the appropriateness of such costs become evident.

The first and second seasons of " Alias ??" (in Chap. role : Jennifer Garner) have received 11 nominations Award " Emmy. "

" Lost" (starring. Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Dominic Monaghan, etc.) received the "Emmy" for Best Drama and a nomination for the "Golden Globe".

The passion for cinema appeared at Abrams as a child - and it only intensified after a tour of "Universal" studiowhen the future director was eight years old.

Even in his youth Abrams actively shooting a movie and presented his student work at various film festivals, where, in addition to receiving awards, struck up acquaintances in the industry, find collaborators, and possibly getting some credibility for the implementation of its future projects.The first work on television has become Abrams series " Happiness. " Abrams - executive producer, author and director of several episodes of the series. This combination of roles quite typical for television work Abrams, whom colleagues have described as " multitasking " workaholic.

As a graduate student ,Abrams and his friend wrote the script of the film. This scenario has bought the studio " the Touchstone Pictures ," and made it the foundation of " Beautiful Life" painting with Charles Grodin and Jim Belushi and the first in the number produced by Abrams.

This was followed by " Here andabout Henry " with Harrison Ford, and " Forever Young " with Mel Gibson in the lead roles.

The next significant step in the career of Abrams was a collaboration with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Beyem over the blockbuster "Armageddon. "

Then there was the Abrams -produced " Wow Ride "co-author of the script for which he is also a fighter with high budget " Mission Impossible III" with Tom Cruise, the first directorial work Abrams for a wide screen. It is believed that the director`s Abrams participated in the last place on the personal initiative of the actor - superstar, who was impressed by the " Alias ??" TV series. The producer`s asset Abrams also painting " Pallbearer " and " Kings of Rock" with Jennifer Love Hewitt, in addition, several films Abrams appears on the screen as an actor.

Abrams also occasionally acts as a composer for his films (in particular, he wrote the title theme song " Alias ??") .

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