Jean Reno

Picture of Jean Reno

Date of Birth: 07/30/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Casablanca

Citizenship: France


Real name: Juan Moreno

French actor Jean Reno Spanish descent born in Casablanca, July 30, 1948, and was wearing at the time the name of Juan Moreno. In 1960, Moreno family returned to Europe (where they had previously fled to Morocco, fleeing the oppressive regime of General Franco) and settled in France. Renault had to serve in the French army, to obtain citizenship. Later, fascinated by the theater, he took acting lessons, but in spite of an active theater life, Reno film career did not develop. That was before I met with Luc Besson, which since 1983 takes it almost in his every film.

In 1984, "Underground", where Renault has played a drummer, glorified Luc Besson and Christopher Lambert. Ten years later, Besson put the "Leon" made Jean Reno star of world cinema. Killer Leon okazalsyazhivym man, very charming in his ignorance and solitude. Weakness with immense destructive power of Leon made only friend a little girl Mathilda (Natalie Portman), an orphaned efforts addict cop (Gary Oldman) and Jean Reno - winner of the French Film Academy for Best Actor.

However, Jean Reno for the first time seriously declared itself as the best killer blue screen back in bessonovskoy "Nikita" (1990), where a professional killer Victor died so that someone rolled up to his throat and the audience drowned in tears. Victor Leon and gave birth, his death hundreds of times pereplyunuvshego grandparent.

Heroes Reno, especially Besson, like to die beautifully. Diver Enzo Molinari ( "Big Blue", 1988) in pursuit of the lost on deep dive without scuba gear donyryalsyado death in the blue of the French Riviera, the title of world champion. Enzo, perhaps the only joker "Abyss", it becomes the main character, the loss of which the film is deprived of the dynamics, and the viewer - interest.

The most serious of the latest Renault works in the film is the role of Vincent in "Ronin." This figure corresponds to the maximum kinoobraz that Renault painstakingly created in all his films: silent professional hair`s breadth from death. Miser external means of expression creates a special emotional intensity that inevitably attracts the viewer`s attention to the Renault.

Romantic unshaven, conciseness in expression of feelings, calm self-confidence, strength and virility, strength, concealing mental weakness and loneliness - the image created by Renault, the heroes succeeded Delon and Depardieu, Gabin and Belmondo.

Leon hitman Victor, the detective wanted a diamond necklace in the "French kiss" (with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan), the French counterintelligence Laroche, saves the world from raging monsters in "Godzilla" by Roland Emmerich, a former agent of French intelligence Vincent, part of an international team super agent in "Ronin" (with Robert De Niro, Natascha McElhone, Jonathan Pryce and Sean Bean), even a diver Enzo Molinari of the "Big Blue" - Reno hero is always top class professional. That professionalism fills his screen adventures of life and can survive or die with dignity in a world full of dangers. Reno-inhabitant in the movie can not be found. But in real life, the richest Frenchman Hollywood married second marriage to a woman with three children, he lives in eastern France in a small quiet town and is happy there, shielded from the constant talk about the movie.