Jean-loup Chretien

Picture of Jean-loup Chretien

Date of Birth: 08/20/1938

Age: 78

Place of Birth: La Roche

Citizenship: France


Jean-Loup Chretien Jacques Marie (Fr. Jean-Loup Jacques Marie Chr & # 233; tien.) (Born August 20, 1938, La Rochelle.) - French astronaut, Brigadier General, Hero of the Soviet Union (1982).

The first French citizen, flew into space. Flights on the Soviet spacecraft "Soyuz T-6" and orbital station "Salyut-7" (June-July 1982), as well as on the "Soyuz TM-6" (off) and "Soyuz TM-7" (planting) and the orbital complex "Mir" (November-December 1988 GV armed forces of France since 1959. In 1961 he graduated from the French air Force Academy.

In December 1988, Jean-Loup Chretien was promoted to the rank of general.

In 1990-1993 he was trained to flights at the spacecraft "Buran" and performed a training flight on the Tu-154 and MiG-25.

The third space flight French General Jean-Loup Chretien made from 25 September to 6 October 1997 at the US Space Shuttle