Jean Getty

Picture of Jean Getty

Date of Birth: 12/15/1892

Age: 83

Place of Birth: Minneapolis

Citizenship: United States


Jean Paul Getty, US oil magnate, who at the time of his death, was the richest man in the world. The Getty empire includes the largest company Getty Oil Company and more than 200 corporations.

Paul Getty was born December 15, 1892 in Minneapolis, USA, the son of oil magnate J. Paul Getty, George. After graduating Oxford in 1913, Paul began trading oil in the Tulsa area, Oklahoma. Paul proved to be very successful and capable businessman, and in 1916 he earned first own a million dollars. In the same year, his company moved to California.

In the 1920s, Paul Getty, having accumulated sufficient capital, bought several oil companies that have become the foundation of his financial empire. One of the most profitable activities J. Paul Getty was the purchase of an oil concession in Saudi Arabia in 1949, which in the 1950s began to bring billions in profits. In 1957 Paul Getty was declared the richest man in the world. This title he retained until his death. In 1968 he became a billionaire Paul Getty.

By the nature of the Getty was a very eccentric and wayward man. He was married five times, and each of the children from these marriages he developed quite heavy relationship. After World War II Getty moved to England in Sutton Place in Surrey. His house was surrounded by a fortified wall and guarded by an entire army and security service twenty dogs specially trained to protect people.

Like many millionaires, the Getty in the middle of life began to engage in charity. In 1953 he founded the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, where he presented a large part of its art collection. In 1974 the museum moved to larger premises in Malibu. Most of his status Paul Getty left the Getty Trust - a charitable organization which is the owner of the museum, as well as large Getty Center in Los Angeles, which was built in 1997..

In 1973, the birthday of J. Paul Getty, was found by his grandson, Jean Paul Getty III of, was abducted in Italy for five months before. The kidnappers demanded for the child $ 3.2 million ransom. Millionaire is not going to pay the money and enter into any negotiations with the criminals. Apparently, his failure is due to bad relations with relatives, as well as striking Getty avarice. It is known that for the guests, he found the house a special pay phone. However, when the publisher of the newspaper in Rome were sent to cut off the ear of the Getty`s grandson, became a millionaire to think about the possibility of payment. However, the police found the child early.

June 6, 1976, Jean Paul Getty, oil magnate and collector died at the age of 83 years.