Jean Beliveau

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Date of Birth: 1968

Age: 47

Citizenship: Canada

Walk Around the World

Jean Beliveau - Canadian traveler who was walking all over the world, spending his journey 11 years of life.

The idea of ??a trip around the world came to the Canadian Jean Beliveau (Jean Beliveau) quite by accident. It was in 1999, 45-year-old Jean clearly experienced the midlife crisis, and it seemed to him that his life has been and never will have anything bright and interesting. One autumn day in November 1999, he was on the bridge Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal (Montreal) and suddenly realized that his life was, in fact, has always been and continues to be in his own hands. And this means that he can live it and free the way you want it to him, and not as dictated by other people`s rules.

So he decided to just push everything and go aimlessly - in a campaign.

After sitting on the world map, Jean-plan your route that was very brave - he decided to bypass almost all over the world. To start with a little practice and it warmed up - for such a serious campaign needed to be at least in good shape.

Already in the process of preparing, Jean realized that from his depression was gone - now he had a dream, had a plan, which required implementation.

By the way, when Jean Beliveau roughly calculated that his campaign will last about 10 years - as demonstrated later time, it took him a little longer.

Jean himself admits that he was very lucky with his wife, Lucy (Luce Archambault), which reacted to the plans of her husband with the full understanding and did not try to dissuade him or call him a crazy idea.

By the way, Lucy helped him start, and later throughout the journey, Jean, she worked on its website on the Internet, as well as, most importantly, provided him with emotional support. They met once a year, performing together for three weeks every winter, during holiday periods.

So, Jean Beliveau went to his campaign in August 2000, and by the end of his journey, he passed 64 countries. It was held at an average of 30 kilometers a day, and not all the countries he visited, Jean, were hospitable to him.

He learned to speak a few simple phrases in many languages, and learned a lot about life and culture of other nations.

In some countries, it was expecting a police escort - it was in Egypt (Egypt), Tunis (Tunisia), Morocco (Morocco) and Macedonia (Macedonia).

January 6, 2007, he reached the level of 40 000 kilometers, he was then in Hungary (Hungary).

Surprisingly Beliveau, in some parts of the world people treated him better and sympathetic than his native Canadians, he repeatedly mentioned it in jest.

Its a few belongings Jean drove in three-wheeled cart, and with this truck, he appeared in the image in many print publications around the world.

He completed his journey in 2011, passing 75,000 kilometers. So, after 11-year absence, 56-year-old Jean Beliveau returned to Montreal. He has changed a lot over the years - has become more open and more tolerant.

They say that the traveler - it`s for life, so you can safely expect that soon Jean will take again something to shake him and all the others. However, his wife, he promised that in the near future all of his walks will be short.

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