Jean Baudrillard

Picture of Jean Baudrillard

Date of Birth: 06/20/1929

Age: 77

Place of birth: Reims

Citizenship: France


Baudrillard - considered one of the most famous representatives of the philosophy of postmodernism - he was born June 20, 1929 in the French city of Reims. After receiving his Ph.D., he was for several decades has taught at the University of Paris Nanterrskom.

In 1968, Baudrillard published work "system of things" ( "Le system des objets"), which is a detailed critique of the "consumer society", which became the basis of the problems of its further work.

The main topics of research were the philosopher questions the relation of reality and its symbolic representation, he first introduced the concept of a revolution "simulacrum" and "hyperreality". The original philosophical discourse Baudrillard represented the hypercriticism - total supercritical criticism.

Popularity among the general public, specifies AFP, Baudrillard gained after the publication of an essay on anti-Iraq campaign of 1991, entitled "The Gulf War was not." Based on his theory of "hyperreal simulacra", Baudrillard drew the conclusion that this campaign was the first "virtual war" in world history, the events that were designed media. This theme is developed Baudrillard, saying the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which he considered the beginning of the "Fourth World War, in which globalism is opposed to himself" (the essay "The Spirit of Terrorism").

Total Baudrillard wrote about 50 books, as a rule, is on the verge of philosophy and literature. Among his most famous works are: "Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy mark" (1972), "The Mirror of Production" (1975), "Symbolic Exchange and Death" (1976), "In the shadow of the silent majority" (1978), "The seduction "(1979)," Simulacra and simulation "(1981)," Fatal strategies "(1983)," America "(1986)," The Ecstasy of communication "(1987).