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Date of Birth: 1955

Age: 60

Citizenship: India


Higher education Jayatam received at the University of Delhi (Delhi University), the University of Jawaharlal Nehru (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and the University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge); in Cambridge, she wrote a doctoral thesis on nekapitalistskih land rents in the theory and the practical implementation in North India (North India).

Now Ghosh is Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Center for Economic Studies and Planning and School of Social Sciences (Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, School of Social Sciences) at the University of Jawaharlal Nehru in New Delhi, India (New Delhi, India).

Specializing Jayatam on globalization, international finance, and employment problems formats in developing countries, macroeconomic policy, gender issues and development.

For a while, Ghosh worked in Cambridge and Tufts University (Tufts University), parallel lecturing in a number of Indian schools.

Jayatam was one of the founders of working in New Delhi, the Foundation for Economic Research (Economic Research Foundation); This non-profit organization concerned with the progressive economy.

Ghosh also holds the post of executive secretary of the International International Development Economics Associates Association (IDEAS) - a group of researchers working on the general economic paradigm of neo-liberalism.

For his report on human development in West Bengal (West Bengal) Jayatam UNDP received the award - as an outstanding analyst.

Ghosh often published in various editions of his articles on various economic and okoloekonomicheskie threads; It is not just about chistonauchnyh works, but also the usual columns about the economy and its impact on ordinary people. Jayatam leading column in `Frontline`,` Businessline`, Bengali newspaper `Ganashakti`,` Deccan Chronicle` and `Asian Age`.

Lives Jayatam Ghosh in New Delhi. In his spare time from economic research she was doing classical music; this topic has Jayatam no worse than the economy - in fact, she sometimes gives lectures on the works of Mozart (Mozart).

Ghosh married; her husband Abhijit September (Abhijeet Sen) also professionally engaged in economic research.

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