Jay Robert Pritzker

Picture of Jay Robert Pritzker

Date of Birth: 1965

Age: 50

Citizenship: United States


Robert Jay Pritzker was born in 1965. He is married and has two children. Now he is living in his residence in the city of Evanston. In his youth, he graduated from the University of Duke. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science. He also graduated from Northwestern University, where he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Law. Robert Jay Pritzker is one of the grandchildren of the famous American businessman Abraham Nichols Pritzker. He is one of the heirs of a multibillion-dollar state of his grandfather.

Jay Pritzker quite actively involved in politicallife country. He has always adhered to democratic views, and strongly supported the party. But in 1998 in Illinois, he unsuccessfully held primaries Congress. After this incident, Jay decided to devote himself to the family business.

To date, Robert Jay Pritzker is president of the company