Jaxon Emmett Buell

Picture of Jaxon Emmett Buell

Date of Birth: 08/27/2014

Age: 2

Place of Birth: Florida

Citizenship: United States

kid without much of a skull

`We have done everything in our power to son struggled for his life - his father said Jackson, Brandon Buell. - That`s what he did since birth - resisted his sudbe`.

A child born in Florida (Florida) United States struck all their resistance and desire to stay in this world. More than 105 thousand people Like its Facebook page and thousands shared his extraordinary story.

Baby, nicknamed Jackson Strong, was born with an extremely rare birth defect called mikrogidrotsefaliya. Brain and Skull Buell is not formed properly.

About 4859 babies with this condition recorded in the United States, but most victims die even in the womb or shortly after birth.

When Jackson`s parents, Brittany and Brandon, learned about the terrible problem her son, their whole world reeled.

`On our second ultrasound we found out on the seventeenth week of pregnancy, what are waiting for the boy - said the 30-letniyBrendon. - We realized that something was wrong when ultrasound diagnostics specialist, who studied fetal head, suddenly zatih`.

`The next day Brittany was summoned to the doctor, who said that they are concerned about the results of this MRI. She burst into tears and told me that our baby is not all right. Of course, I was defeated. They let me go to work, and the rest of the day passed in a tumane`.

Brittany, now 27-year-old, said she was devastated when she found out that perhaps her son would not survive.

`I was crushed, - she said. - My heart is breaking. What I so longed for all my life happened. And then they tell me that there is a possibility that the child will mertvorozhdennym`.

`All my joy evaporated. Shine happiness during pregnancy - normal for a woman to state, but I have nothing like this bylo`.

Brittany and Brandon are both devout Christians, we were able to terminate a pregnancy at 23 weeks. However, they refused.

Brandon said: `We came home and thought all night. We were offered to go to an abortion. But if we agree, we will never know, I would be able to get out, our son or net`.

`Who are we to decide? We gave the baby, we were given a chance, and we had to take into account the voice of malysha`.

Jackson did not die in the womb and born August 27, 2014. birth weight was 1.8 kg.

The child spent several weeks in the hospital, where he was able to practice neurosurgeons. A few weeks later Jackson was allowed to take home.

`The emotions whipped over the edge - Brandon said. - I remember holding him in my arms for a second day as listening to doctors who said that my son would probably never be able to walk and talk. As said, that he never would understand that he was hungry, he would not hear and see. They actually did not expect from him that he is still smozhet`.

However, the miracle child who is not a big part of the skull is not turned into a vegetable and showed everyone his incredible silu`On simply blossoms on care of his mother - the father of Jackson said. - This effect exerted by direct contact of mother and child, it is impossible to achieve any of terapiy`.

Jackson`s mom said she cherishes every moment spent with her boy, because at any moment with his son can happen irreparable.

She said: `In the back of my mind I`ll never forget about it. Knowing that my son any day could be the last, always with me. I know that tomorrow, Jackson just can not be ryadom`.

`I try to stay positive 99 percent of their time, but there is also the one percent, which is dominated by the reality of the situation - scrolls the probability in which the parents are experiencing their syna`.

Brandon Colleagues created a page on the platform kraudfandingovoy GoFundMe, when Jackson was born. fundraising campaign aims to attract about 58 thousand dollars needed Buell family for medical expenses.