Jason Connery

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Date of Birth: 01/11/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Successful actor and director

Author: Denis Pravdyuk

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The son of a Scottish actor Sean Connery and Australian actress Diane Cilento, Jason Connery was born on January 11, 1963 in London, England. Jason interest in acting began to develop during their studies in Gordonstounskoy school for boys in the north of Scotland. There he participated in every semester productions of the theater group `Inter House Players Group`.

His acting career begins with Jason Connery in the film `The Lords distsipliny` in 1983, `Man, who had vse` in 1984. These films, to his disappointment, did not Jason popular. Popularity prihoditk it only in 1985, when he was invited to the role of Robin Hood in the popular British television series` Robin of Shervuda`. This role has brought him fame in England, and the series is still considered a cult classic and continues to add to the list of their fans.

After the role of Robin Hood, Jason beginning to invite a variety of roles. Among his works are films such as `Express to Beydzhina` 1995, `Macbeth `in 1997,` The Return of the Baghdad thief `in 1999,` Shanghai Noon `2000,` Wishmaster 3: Devil`s Stone `in 2001, in the same year and `` Rekviem` Intimate momenty` in 2005.

In the same period, Jason starred in the television series `Spy. The Secret Life of Ian Fleminga`, `Great Merlin`,` Secrets Smolvilya`, `Children svobody`,` shoe korobke` Zoo and others.

After achieving success in the acting career, Jason Connery becomes a director and producer in the company `Unconditional Entertainment`, led by James and Ricky Maslarom. The company is currently implementing a number of projects for the development of cinema and television. After the close of the show `Zoo shoe korobke` Jason made three films - horror film` Lost in gorod` of 2005, the Western `The Far Side of Jericho` and the thriller` nebesa` night in 2006.

In partnership with the foundation of the new movie `Coventry University` s `and an independent group of filmmakers` Independent Filmmakers Group `, Jason has been working to train and support a new generation of filmmakers.

Despite the active directing activities, Jason Connery continued to act in films. Among his recent works such films as: `Velocity`,` Wired`, `Liniya`,` Chinaman`s Chance`, `The thirst blood war`,` Alone in the Dark 2 `,` Cave drakona`, `Pokayanie` and `Glass Houses`.

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