Jared Bernstein

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Date of Birth: 1955

Age: 60

Citizenship: United States

A former adviser to Vice President Joe Biden

Jared Bernstein was born in a Jewish-American family in 1955. He received a bachelor`s degree in Fine Arts at the Manhattan School of Music, where he learned to play the double bass at Orin O`Brien (Orin O`Brien). Bernstein - holds a master`s degree in social work at the School of Social Work at Hunter College and a master`s degree in Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Security at Columbia University.

Bernstein taught at Howard, New York University and Columbia University. His areas of interest include federal, state and international economic policies, in particular, the problems of the middle class, can not cope with the hardships of inflation. He is interested in issues of income inequality and employment trends, the markets cheap labor, poverty and international comparisons.

In 1992, Bernstein began his duties inas a senior official of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a liberal think tank, focused on addressing issues related to low- and middle-income workers. In 1995-1996. He served in the US Department of Labor as Deputy Chief Economist. Then he returned to the EPI as a senior economist and director of `Living Standards Program`, a program aimed at helping people with disabilities, people over 65 and those who are the guardian of the first two groups.

He left of EPI, when he was called Vice President Biden to resolve economic problems `critical nature that have befallen Ameriki`. Following the appointment of Bernstein to the position of Economic Advisor, some journalists noted that Bernstein `contrasts sharply with his more centrist views on the background of many economic advisers to Barack Obamy`.

Jared is on the Advisory Committee of the Congressional Budget Office. He is one of the authors of the financial news cable network CNBC. Bernstein was also appointed executive director of the task force MCWFTF, working with labor middle-class families. He is responsible for the direct management of the project MCWFTF.

The Nobel Prize in Economics and a prominent columnist Paul Krugman (Paul Krugman) announced in October 2008 that the new reductive economy of the Advisory Board, taking into account the centrist formulation of economic inner circle of President Barack Obama, can be used to `give voice to progressive ekonomistam`. Krugman mentioned Bernstein, economists colleagues from EPI and EPI President Michelle Lawrence (Lawrence Mishel), among others, as a progressive economists, who could influence the board.

The number of books owned Jared Peru include `All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy` and` Fair Economy and Crunch: Why Do I Feel So Squeezed? (And Other Unsolved Economic Mysteries) `. He also co-wrote the last nine editions of `The State of Working America`, serious analytical articles published by the Economic Policy Institute with the first in 1988. In addition, Bernstein was one of the occupational authors of `The Benefits of Full Employment: When Markets Work for People`, which argued that `low unemployment rate by itself can not do away with injustice in obschestve`, and stressed` the need to introduce other forms of intervention to help destitute naseleniyu`.

Bernstein - Permanent Observer online version of the policy journal `The American Prospect` and author of the review for the newspaper` New York Times` and `Washington Post`. It also leaves your notes in a political blog `Daily Kos`.

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