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Birthday 01.1910

God Birth : 1910

Age: 105 years

Place of Birth : Portland, Oregon, USA

Citizenship : United StatesClassic American swimwear

`Jantzen` - American fashion brand specializing in swimwear ; Zentbauera joint project of John (John A. Zehntbauer) and Karl Yanttsena (Carl C. Jantzen).

Bathing suits are not just became really popular and the conventional wisdom of the goods; with time, however,social mores and tastes have undergone certain changes, and swimwear from the purely utilitarian article of clothing turned into something quite worthy epithets and ` ` modnyy` stilnyy`. One of the first manufacturers of a new class of swimwear in the United States was the company `Jantzen`.

John Zentbauer Carl Yanttsen and SR Zentbauer (C. R.Zehntbauer) founded their first joint project - `Portland Knitting Company` - in January 1910 in Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon). This company was not particularly large, and mainly engaged in retail trade of knits in a number of areas of Portland. Initially, the master company specialized in sweaters, chulochno-Hosiery and other knitted products; the same time they were engaged in retail and other apparel.

The company`s founders were avid fans of outdoor activities and, among other things, the number of rowers in the Portland Club. In 1913, fellow club asked whether to make a wool suit possiblesuitable for rowing in the rainy winter weather. The answer to his question was a special costume for elastic hinges ; This suit later became incredibly popular and considerably helped very young companies to become famous.

Expand the range of brand products continued and further ; however,after World War I sell swimsuits were still far from being the most serious articles of the enterprise income.

In June 1918 the company was renamed `Jantzen Knitting Mills`; the new name should be better remembered ,and the role of the Yanttsena - actually led the advancement of the company`s new product - to ignore it was impossible in any way. Gradually sales increased swimwear ; by 1920 th billboards advertising company products already adorned in San Francisco (San Francisco), and Los Angeles (Los Angeles). Exit at the national level the company was able to 1921-m - then sketches of costumes from Yanttsena got on the page `Vogue` and ` Life`. Gradually the fame came to the company and outside the US - in 1932 mu, the company was listed on the 7th place in the ranking of the most famous brands in the world.

The Great Depression greatly complicate the life of everyone - Alas, 30 years is quite heavy for the business were a decadeand `Jantzen` no exception. The situation began to improve a little closer to the beginning of the war - the supply of materials and raw materials of England and its allies helped the economy back on its feet. `Jantzen` continued to produce somewhat forgotten sweater, simultaneously launching new lines such as belts and corsets.

In 1940-m company launched a line of clothing for sports and recreation `Sun Clothes`.

States got involved in the war in December 1941, and the sale of ` grazhdanskih` goods began to decline. After the war, things gradually improved ; in the 50`s company even acquired additional production facilities in Seneca, South Carolina (Seneca, South Carolina);new branch specialized in working with the Eastern clients.

In 1954, the company was again renamed - in `Jantzen Inc`.

Gradually it became clear that to maintain its own factories throughout the world unprofitable - proved much easier to engage in trade licenses and supplies bathing suits on the world market. Production of sweaters, swimsuits ,sportswear and intimate products brings a good income, but the last line of a few passed over time and eventually was closed.

In February 1980, `Jantzen` bought American jeans manufacturer ` Blue Bell`; in 1986 this company, in turn, bought `VF Corporation`.Some time `Jantzen` remained simple division ` VF`, until it was decided to concentrate on women`s clothing in general, and bathing suits in particular - and `Jantzen` suddenly become one of the key elements of the new strategy.

In 2002 the brand was bought by `Jantzen` company ` Perry Ellis International, Inc`

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