Janny Brandes-brilleslijper

Picture of Janny Brandes-brilleslijper

Date of Birth: 08/24/1916

Age: 86

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Nationality: Netherlands

Nurse Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

Gianni was born in Amsterdam (Amsterdam); It was the middle of three children. In 14 years, Jeannie dropped out of school and began to look for jobs; He works for the life she has changed a lot.

In 1939, Gianni married Brendesa Bob (Bob Brandes); later they had two children - Rob (Rob) in 1939 and Lilo (Lilo) in 1941. Brendes was not Jewish, and their marriage took in his time with hostility as his parents, and the parents of Gianni.

After the Nazis invaded the Netherlands (Netherlands), Bob Gianni and her sister started to work with the local resistance. Gianni hid Jews in her house - and she is officially registered as a Jew was not; many Jews helped the woman, producing false documents. The Nazis, however, and without trying to regularly arrest Gianni and her family; several times they managed to escape miraculously. Alas, long on luck alone survive failed - in the summer of 1944, Gianni and her sister was arrested and sent - after lengthy interrogations, torture and beatings - the forwarding lagerVesterbork (Westerbork). In Westerbork sisters was registered as criminals and sent to the workers barracks; where they met with Anne and Margot Frank (Margot Frank).

From Westerbork Brendes sisters and both Frank was transferred to Auschwitz (Auschwitz). Later - in October 1944 - they met at Bergen-Belsen. Gianni in a concentration camp and a nurse cared for the sick prisoners. In March 1945, Anne and Margot Frank died; Jeannie and sister buried them in mass graves camp.

After the war, Gianni was able to find a husband and children; later, with the help of the Red Cross (Red Cross), and she found Otto Frank (Otto Frank) - and told him about how his daughter died. Subsequently, Gianni told me about the last days of the sisters Frank for the documentary `The last seven months Anna Frank` ( `The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank`), filmed in 1987, Willie Lindwer (Willy Lindwer).

Died Gianni Brendes-Brillesliyper August 15 of 2003; at the time of death, she was 86 years old.