Janie Lou Gibbs

Picture of Janie Lou Gibbs

Date of Birth: 12/25/1932

Age: 77

Place of birth: Cordell

Citizenship: United States


Janie lived with her husband, 39-year-old Charles Clayton Gibbs (Charles Clayton Gibbs), for eighteen years, until January 21, 1966 on, he has not died.

Her youngest son, 13-year-old Ronald Gibbs Marvin (Marvin Ronald Gibbs), died August 29, 1996 th, and then the same fate befell her middle son, 16-year-old Melvin Gibbs Uotessa (Melvin Watess Gibbs). Melvin died on January 23, 1967-th.

Janie inherited after the death of her husband and children, 31,000 dollars, transfers 10% of the total sum of the church as a tithe.

All death is initially associated with liver disease. In the end, Jenny, was arrested on suspicion of murdering his family on Christmas Eve 1967, after her oldest son, 19-year-old Roger Luden Gibbs (Roger Ludean Gibbs), died in the same way as his brothers and father . October 28, 1967 th month old son Roger Edward Gibbs Ronnie (Ronnie Edward Gibbs), seemingly strong, healthy and normally developing baby also died under suspicious circumstances.

Despite a series of deaths in such a short period of time, Gibbs insisted that the autopsy, requested by insurers, did not take place. Insurance appraisers stated her suspicion, but at Janie acted on by the majority of its neighbors, as well as her friends from church who just could not believe the probability that the 35-year-old mother and wife of a former farmer who owned a day care center could be a serial killer .

Yet daughter Gibbs demanded that the body of her husband Roger was opened. An autopsy revealed the presence of a fatal concentration of arsenic in the body of a young man. The court ordered to exhume the body of the other members of the Gibbs family, and in each case also revealed arsenic poisoning.

Jeni admitted that one of their family members - one of the victims - methodically `podkarmlivala` rat poison, but their motives are not explained anything.

In February 1968 she was found guilty of five murders and poluchila5 life sentences, but was found to be insane, because of what has gone straight to the state mental hospital, where he stayed until 1976.

In the last years of his life, being in prison, Jenny suffered from Parkinson`s disease and in April 1999 it was released after 17 failures on parole. She was transferred to the custody of his brother and sister-with the condition each year undergo compulsory registration due to deteriorating health. Gibbs moved with the help of a wheelchair, and before his death lived in a nursing home in Douglasville, Georgia (Douglasville, Georgia). She died on February 7, 2010-th.