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Date of Birth: 08/13/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States


Yellen was born in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York); in Brooklyn, she graduated from high school. In 1967, Janet Yellen earned a degree with honors in Economics from Brown University (Brown University); PhD (PhD) of economic sciences, it has already received at Yale (Yale University).

In 1980, Yellen has started to conduct research at the School of Haas; parallel she led macroeconomics course. Twice he honored Janet Haas School Award for outstanding teaching.

In Clinton`s Council of Economic Advisers Yellen he worked from February 13, 1997, and 1999 minutes; the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system is met from 1994 to 1997-th. Some time Janet also worked at Harvard University (Harvard University) and the London School of Economics (London School of Economics); while Yellen served as president of the Western Economic Association International (Western Economic Association International) and vice president of the American Economic Association (American Economic Association).

June 14 th 2004, Yellen became president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco).

Since 2009, Janet Yellen sits - with the right to vote - in the Federal Open Market Committee (Federal Open Market Committee).

In July 2009, Yellen was named a possible successor Ben Bernanke (Ben Bernanke) as chairman of the Federal Reserve System (Federal Reserve System); later, however, Bernanke has been decided to leave his post. We can not say that Janet Yellen on this much lost - according to available data, for the year it earned 410,000 dollars - which is two and a half times more than the annual salary is limited by law Bernanke, 199,700 dollars.

28 of April of 2010, President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) has put forward Yellen as a likely successor to Donald Kohn (Donald Kohn) as vice-president of the Federal Reserve System. In July, the Senate Banking Committee by 17 votes to 6 Yellen endorsed the candidacy; it should be noted that the main Republican Council, Alabama Senator Richard Shelby (Richard C. Shelby), spoke strongly against.

October 4, 2010, the Yellen has taken over the position; over its four-year term on 4 October 2014. Previously, Janet Yellen also became a member of the Federal Reserve Board; however, in this capacity, she will serve for 14 years, until 31 January 2024-th.

October 11, 2010-the first time made Yellen as vice-chairman - and, to the surprise of many, forgotten about his usual rhetorical figures of Peace and supported low interest rates.

Janet Yellen is married to George Akerlof (George Akerlof), Nobel laureate and professor at the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley). The study deals with the economy and Yellen`s son, Robert Akerlof (Robert Akerlof).

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