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The main charge ,which impose Californians Jane`s Addiction rock fans 90, - the invention of such a phenomenon (and later the concept) , as alternative rock.

Sacred truth : of planted these ideas musicians generous risen an entire generation of alternative rock bands. Among those who followed in their footsteps, and there were more talented, much more successful - certainly. But Jane`s Addiction were pioneers of musical virgin soil called " alternative rock ", putting its stamp here long before the concept became commonplace, replicated media. The Complete Works of Jane`s Addiction has (or rather, there are up to 2003), all three releases. They became the property of the historical archives ,when alternative rock has only just started to win on the world music scene and enter into a strong family mainstream. But four years of active life group enough to leave an indelible mark in the history of modern rock music.

The official date of birth of the team called reliable sources in 1986. Vocalist and frontman Perry Farrell (Perry Farrell) in the 86th knocked 27 years, a newcomer to the music, as you might guess, it was not. Before we turn to Perry Farrell (author`s paraphrase of the word "peripheral" - " Peripheral ") , he grew up and studied in New York under the name Perry Bernstein (Perry Bernstein). In the early 80s he moved to LosAngeles and started to get used to the local music scene. The first test of his talents became gothic band Psi Com, inspired by the work of the Cure, and had time to issue a single EP in 1985. When Psi Com broke up, one of the participants, Dino Paredes (Dino Paredes), went on a musical career, and two more are rumored to become the Hare Krishnas. As for our hero, songwriter and lead singer Perry Farrell, he gathered new musicians : a virtuoso guitarist Dave Navarro (Dave Navarro), drummer Stephen Perkins (Stephen Perkins) and bassist Eric Avery (Eric Avery). Newly formed team came to life under the name Jane`s Addiction (something like " bad habits Jane ") -on behalf of a woman who introduced Perry and Navarro.

Famously Crafted of punk fusion, indie, prog - rock, folk, and anything and everything that was seething in their heads, insistently demanded access to the great lives. By 1987, the band already accustomed to the club scene in Los Angeles to make his debut with the live album "Jane`s Addiction",who undertook to publish an independent label Triple X. It was a performance record in the Los Angeles club "Roxy", wonderful scenic drive to transfer. The disc included a cover version of "Rock` n Roll " by Lou Reed, recycle " Sympathy for the Devil "Rolling Stones and the first version of the future hit " Jane Says ". Youth is not turned green -group caused attention of the music press and has become a tasty morsel for the labels, who began hunting them.

The most nimble and were lucky Warner Bros. managers With a contract in his pocket, Jane`s Addiction immediately started to record studio albums and a year later produced "Nothing`s Shocking" (1988)its debut on the label - Major. Inspired by the works Doors, PiL, Velvet Underground, Faith No More, four alternativschikov set out to create a stylistic cocktail, which would hypnotic rhythms intertwined with unusual guitar riffs and piercing vocals. Critical praise and delight fans ,favor pereborchivy lovers of the underground - the best award for young experimenters. The album did not get the full recognition of the commercial, which deserves, reaching the Billboard chart only up to 103 positions. But their songs picked up a radio station aimed at a student audience, and there were many connoisseurs ,saw in Jane`s Addiction iconic characters.

The conquest of the advanced position of the world music scene went on a second disc. Long Play 1990 "Ritual de lo habitual" turned out to be a commercial phenomenon, and was certified platinum in the months settled in the first lines of Billboard ranking. Nine tracks selected for the album ,It proved to be much more mature and ambitious than any previous work of the group. Perry Farrell, his artistry and vocal drama, was great. This carefully produced album was a place and a pronounced rock compositions (the first single "Stop"), and emotionally saturated melodies (eg ,"Three Days" or "Of Course", with its oriental elements and exotic guitar riffs) . There was a story here and on behalf of the shoplifter "Been Caught Stealing", a track at a fast pace, is still the biggest hit of the group (the Top 20 on the Billboard chart) . It is noteworthy that the group did not sacrifice a single gram of their aggression ,I did not give up very categorical views, to join the ranks of their fans. American censorship did not miss the original album cover, which was decorated with sculpture frontman. "Ritual de lo habitual" was released in the United States, one- envelope with the text of the First Amendment to the Constitution. The main outcome of this release : Jane`s Addiction first- steelthis iconic alternative rock band.

As a natural born the idea of creating their own festival. The inauguration of the Lollapalooza, " grandfather " summer festivals (Lolla, as it was called by its creators) , held in 1991. The festival lasted for six years, regularly going round the North America. But the band itself ,despite the success of releases and powerful performance on stage headlining Lolla in 1991 put an end to his fleeting stories. This news caused a shock, although the group never chooses well-trodden paths, it was only natural to disperse at the height of his career.

Participants Jane`s Addiction threw bridges in other musical projects. Farrell remained faithful to the idea of the festival movement, and until 1997 was engaged in the affairs of Lollapalooza, and in parallel, and his new band Porno For Pyros, which led off with a drummer Stephen Perkins and who has released two albums. Subsequently Farrell created Gobalee group and recorded a solo album. Dave Navarro`s Deconstruction organized team (with bassist Eric Avery, who played in the club "Polar Bear"), and issued a "Dave Navarro" a solo album in 1994. He soon became an integral part of Red Hot Chili Peppers, though not for long - until 1997, the year before he could participate in the recording "One Hot Minute".These fans have always dreamed of reviving Jane`s Addiction. Several times their hopes almost implemented. In 1996, Jane`s (brief) temporarily resuscitated. Navarro, and along with bassist RHCP Flea, united c Farrell and Perkins to write the song "Hard Charger" for the soundtrack to the film "Private Parts" Howard Stern. Cooperation so fascinated all participants Jane`s Addiction, they decided to officially unite - Flea (Flea) on bass - in autumn 1997. They traveled across America with a tour "It`z My Party", and the label in the meantime prepared a disk "Kettle Whistle", a collection of demos, alternate versions and live material, which included two new songs. But a full-fledged return to life failed. The group continued to engage in their own projects, making new albums : Stephen Perkins released with his team Banyan LP "Anytime at All" (1999) , Farrell wrote "Song Yet to be Sung", and Navarro - "Trust No One" (both came in 2001 year).In April 2001, Jane`s Addiction decided to once again come together, inviting bassists Martin Lenoble (Martyn LeNoble) of Porno For Pyros, to lead the second festival Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. In the fall of 2001 we held a jubilee tour of North America. Resuscitation and this time was just a short-term experiment.In Jane`s Addiction had a lot of fans and there was enough hits to carry out a successful tour race. In more they have not yet counted. " Then none of us are seriously concerned by this association - shared with the press, Dave Navarro in 2002, when the history of the group entered a new phase. -Now we feel ourselves to an entirely new group, which nevertheless has a large common history. For many years we have worked together and separately. We parted, and away from each other and grow as people and as musicians, and now we have the opportunity to do together something special. "

Hour X came in March 2002 ,when Jane`s entered under the arches of the historic Los Angeles-based studio Jim Henson Studios, and began recording new material. The legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Bob Ezrin) (sound cast over Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd) has provided them with the experience and talent. Initially bass entrusted Lenoble ,but this place gave Chris Cheney (Chris Chaney) in a few months, which Navarro calls " the most passionate musician ," with whom he has ever worked.

The songs of the album "Strays" (July 2003), the first collection of all-new material in 13 years, Jane`s Addiction again involve politically sensitive topics.The power of sound and expression - that critics say have updated Californians. "As a team we are now stronger than it has ever been ," - said Perry Farrell. In summer 2003, they will head again revived the festival Lollapalooza, which ceased to exist in 1997.

Jane`s Addiction were never spoiled for official recognition. Nevertheless, their name is listed among the world`s most powerful groups. In 2000, the British weekly magazine "Kerrang!", Which specializes in heavy music, in the anniversary 800th issue published a list of " 100 groups who turned the world ". By the force exerted on the modern world with the influence of Jane`s Addiction album "Ritual de lo habitual" were in 12th place, ahead of Kiss, Rage Against The Machine, Ramones and another 88 strongest teams !

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