Jana Cova

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Date of Birth: 04/03/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Vyskov

Citizenship: Czech Republic


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Website: Celebrities

Born in Cova Vyskov (Vyskov), grew up - in the countryside. The porn industry Jana came along the trail well beaten - first she posed in a bikini, and then - naked and then started acting in erotic light. According to the most Yana, switch to the now free her was not easy - kakoe-to she simply felt foolish in front of cameras.

However, to overcome themselves Cova ultimately still could. At this point in her piggy bank for several roles in porn films; Interestingly, for a long time Jan has participated only in lesbian scenes. About his real sexual orientation Cova says evasively; in one case it is stated that he prefers men, while others called themselves bisexual.

Pretty soon Yana could become a real `zvezdoy` in its genre; major role played in its success as a popular lesbian porn in general and characteristic touches that the actress has managed to bring to your images - it`s pretty safe exploited all sorts of fetishes, and did not hesitate to participate in productions that contain elements of sado-masochistic relationship.

Parallel Cova posed for men`s magazines; photos of her graced the pages of such prestigious publications as `Hustler`, `Penthouse`, `High Society`, `Perfect 10`, `Leg Show`, `Mayfair`, `Frenzy` and `Club International`. In April 2003, the actress even got on the cover of `Penthouse` and awarded the title` Pet of April`. Some time Ian has worked with well-known in narrow circles of specialist in erotic photography Suze Randall (Suze Randall); Cova has become the main character of a series of photo stories Randall. these stories teetered on the brink between erotica and porn - which, incidentally, was typical for the majority of the works of Seuss. One of the most famous masterpieces of the joint `` lie in wait, and Randall was a series of `` the Warehouse - it Jana once again participated in the formulation of BDSM.

In April 2005, Jana Cova has signed an exclusive contract with the company `Digital Playground`; shortly afterwards I saw the light of a new movie with her participation - `Porcelain`. In this picture Jan took part in four stages - two lesbian and two `solnyh`. In October 2007, Cova left `Digital Playground`; According to Jana, for it was time to move on.

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