Jan Nowicki

Picture of Jan Nowicki

Date of Birth: 05/11/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Koval

Citizenship: Poland


NOVITSKY (Nowicki) Ian was born November 5, 1939, Polish actor.

In 1965 he graduated from the Acting Department of Theatre School in Krakow and was accepted into the troupe of the old theater, where he works to this day. Then he debuted a small role in the film Captain Vyganovskogo A. Wajda`s "Ashes".

The first major role was played in the film E. Skolimowski "Barrier" (1966), showing a rare charm and plasticity, the tragic vulnerability of the character. Heroes Nowicki seem, at first glance, courageous people, but in fact are unsuited to life circumstances.

Since the beginning of the 70s he became one of the most popular movie stars of Poland, acting in K. Zanussi ( "Family Life", 1970; "Spiral", 1978), Robert Zaluski ( "Anatomy of Love", 1972), VE Hasa ( "Sanatorium" Under the hourglass, "1973).

From the middle of the decade, after his marriage to the Hungarian Marta Meszaros regularly removed to set her films: "The two of them" (1977), "Almost like home" (1978), "The Road" (1979), "Legacy" / " second wife "(1980)," Mother, daughter "(1981)," The Diary for my children "(1982, edition 1984)," The Seventh room "(1995) and OE, continuing, albeit with less intensity, work and in the Polish cinema - "Grand Shu" (1983) S. Hentsinskogo, "Siegfried" (1987) A. Domalika, "Lava" (1989) T. Konwicki, "The girls and widows" (1991) J. Zaorskogo.

From theatrical roles the most significant ones have been created in the performances Nowicki A. Wajda - Stavrogin in "The Possessed," Grand Duke Constantine "November Night", Rogozhin in "Nastasia".