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Citizenship: United States


She has worked with BT, Chicane, and Oakenfold.Her tracks sounded in films such as American Pie and Hackers 2. Maybe it sounds strange, but Jan story began several years ago in one of Manchester`s shops.In January 1997BT (Brian Transeau) was in Manchester working in the studio one day he went to the store the supported audio and stumbled on vinyl "Calling your Name" (later this track sounded in American Pie), and admired Photos girl on the cover, put behind the plate is not more nor less than 50 pounds! Well, you know, that the people of these DJs,only nine months after the purchase, he finally listened to the recording.

"Her voice is still flowed across the floor, I just had to work with this girl," said BT, however, in order to connect with Jan took another nine months. Jan says: "Brian drove to Manchester for just one day,invited me to the studio and we recorded our first joint track "the Remember", which was subsequently entered in the soundtrack to the film Hackers 2. "Work all very pleased, began to receive offers, Jan moved to Los Angeles, and her distinctive vocal has begun to use a variety of musicians, such as Chicane in the song "Love Will Come",Victor Imbres` Submerge project in the song "Take Me By the Hand" and Freefall in the club `s number one hit "Skydive". Furthermore Jan and BT made ??a concert tour together in more than 30 US cities from San Francisco to Florida.

And this is how she once caught the eye of a well-known DJ:

" One night after the show ,Paul (Paul Oakenfold) pulled me aside and whispered in my ear: "I want to sign a contract with you." At first I was a little surprised, because I was more than a singer and composer Dance diva, but he assured me that everything will turn out, and of course his reputation in the industry also had an impact. "In 1999, Jan signed to Perfecto,in Los Angeles, Together with the American producer Jamie

Myerson them for six months to work on their debut album.

Jan lyrics Union and competent Productions Jamie promises album "Emerging" success on the dance scene. "I do not support the idea of ?? lack of communication with the audience.I love combining dance vefniya with their own thoughts and experiences.I want to make people throw out their emotions, make them feel what I feel. If so, then it`s a success. "

Topics of songs on the album range from "No Excuses" tells about the pain of a broken relationship, to "Emerging" calling to know and experience the inner peace,also present in the album collaborate on a classic product of Carpenter - "Superstar" and ends with all kind of prayer to the creator "God`s Plan".

The first single "Flesh", released on April 9, and is supposed to name brings something fresh to the biblical theme of enjoyment for less and less of the holy myrrh.

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