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Date of birth: 21.07.1989

Age: 27

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Christina Minasian

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The well-known English actor, received the highest popularity for his role as Vincent Crabbe in the films of the sorcerer and wizard Harry Potter. Recently talented Jamie was arrested by police on suspicion of possession and manufacture of heavy, hard drugs. This is extremely unpleasant story strongly tainted reputation nineteen Englishmen and - unfortunately - turned away from him most of the fans. Currently Uaylett behind bars and, of course, excluded from participation in any film productions.

Jamie Uaylett was born in London, UK on July 21 1989. Since early summer the young actor had health problems. The situation is especially aggravated after a car accident, in which Jamie hit the age of nine. Then doctors said that the chance to save the boy practically no. Not surprisingly, he was seriously injured brain region.

Yet fate had decided otherwise. At first, things went bad. After lying for three days under the intensive supervision of doctors, Uaylett Jamie (Jamie Waylett) is not recovering. Fortunately, the relatives of the future actor managed to convince doctors of the need for blood transfusions. Finding a suitable donor, doctors conducted a procedure that has been successful. Just a few days feeling Englishman has improved markedly, and he went on the mend. It was a chance - a second life.

Soon Uaylett Jamie (Jamie Waylett) to keep the attention of one of the directors that the hour mark a cinematic texture of a teenager.

In 2001, the year began momentous for the novice actor shooting the first part of the famous film "Harry Potter." Initially Uaylett Jamie (Jamie Waylett) auditioned for a different role in this film project. However, after some time it became clear that Jamie is suitable only character VinsentaKrebba.

Uaylett Jamie (Jamie Waylett) took part in the filming of the popular parts of the picture of the amazing adventures of the young wizard, and after - gained incredible popularity among children and adults. It seemed that Uaylett stepped on the path of a successful acting career.

Alas, on April 6th, 2009 happened irreparable. Nineteen Jamie, being at the wheel, was stopped by police. marijuana - As a result of a search of the car Uayletta packages with potent drugs were found. Now the Englishman faces severe punishment, in the form of imprisonment for a fairly long period of time.

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