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Date of Birth: 02/20/1958

Age: 58

Place of Birth: Yangon

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Best Actor for the film `Moris`

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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James Wilby (James Jonathon Wilby) was born in 1958 in Burma (Rangoon, Burma). Despite the fact that he was born abroad, Wilby was educated in England, he graduated from a private school, and after - the University of Durham (Durham University). Intending to become an actor, he studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in the early `80s and began playing in the performances, including appeared staged `Another Country`.

Later, he started working in the film and his first film was the 1982 drama `Privilege` ( `Privileged`); it is noteworthy that with him in the film was shot, and then another debutant - Hugh Grant (Hugh Grant).

In 1985, Wilby worked in a fantasy draft `Fairy rebenok` (` Dreamchild`), and, in addition, at the time he was in several television series.

Glory came kmolodomu actor in 1987, after starring in the sensational film James Ivory (James Ivory) `Maurice` ( `Maurice`), where, incidentally, he again shared the platform with Grant. The film is told about the homosexual love between two students, and Grant Wilby and later shared the prize Venice Film Festival (Venice Film Festival), equally for `Best Actor`.

Melodrama `Handful praha` ( `A Handful of Dust`) was published in 1988 in the film, James played with a brilliant British actress Kristin Scott Thomas (Kristin Scott Thomas), a novel that unfolds in the film.

In the same year Wilby appeared in another British drama - Summer istoriya` `(` A Summer Story`).

Among other films with the participation Wilby - `Party chess` ( `La partie d` echecs `) 1994, in which he played a part in the star with Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve), Pierre Richard (Pierre Richard) Laban and Denis (Denis Lavant).

In 1999 came the British melodrama `Cotton Meri` (` Cotton Mary`), action which takes place in India, where a very measured and lives apart layer rich Englishmen. The film `An Ideal Husband `(` An Ideal Husband `) was released in 2000, and in 2001 landed the role of Wilby in Gosford Park`s famous` `(` Gosford Park `). The film has collected numerous awards and nominations from the movie industry all over the world, including the American Academy `` French `Cesar` and English `` Goya. However, while Wilby own did not receive awards, his role was not a title, but the overall success of the picture, he, of course, shared.

Among the paintings featuring Wilby 2000s - biographical musical drama `Lyubimchik` 2004 (` De-Lovely`) about the life of American composer Cole Porter (Cole Porter), as well as the melodrama `Lady Godiva` (` Lady Godiva`) 2008- st.

The next major role Wilby played in 2009, in the drama `Shadows on Solntse` (` Shadows in the Sun`); in the center of the story - the story of a son, learned about the affair his mother with a man much younger than her.

Among the very extensive list of roles, James Wilby - and they had at least 65 - dominated by TV projects and series. So, he has appeared in such films as `Test and retaliation` ( `Trial & Retribution`); `Simon Schama History Britanii` (` A History of Britain`); `War Foyla` (` Foyle`s War`); `Inspector Dzheriko` (` Jericho`); Titanik` `(` Titanic`) and many others.

In addition to working in film and TV Wilby plays regularly in theaters, mainly in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

From the personal life of the actor knows that he in 1988 married to Louise Magrou Schoene (Shana Louise Magraw), with whom he has four children.

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