James Van Praagh

Picture of James Van Praagh

Date of Birth: 08/23/1958

Age: 58

Place of birth: Bayside

Citizenship: United States


Born James Van Praag in 1958 in Bayside, New York (Bayside, New York). He was the youngest of four children in the family, he studied at a Roman Catholic seminary. At age 14, James found himself spiritualistic abilities.

After graduating from the University of San Francisco (San Francisco State University), where James received a degree in communications and broadcasting, he went to Los Angeles (Los Angeles). It was there that he found a very broad public interest in all sorts of predictions and started to work as a medium, predicting the fate of their people, as well as linking them to the world of the dead.

Pretty soon, his audience is very extended, and soon Van Praag has published several audio cassettes and books. However, most known for his appearance on his TV. It is known that Van Praag all its activities trying to convince people that there is no death, there is only moving from one world to another.

The most popular medium is reached in the late 1990s, during the famous show `Larry King Live`, where he was invited as a guest. So, in front of millions of TV viewers Van Praag communicated with the dead, and everything seemed so authentic and truthful, the phones in the studio millet escalated calls from viewers.

Following this success, the producers repeated the show with James, and later it increasingly priglashaliv various television projects - the appearance of Van Praag in the air is always meant high rating program.

In addition, he had very good performances in clubs and other venues, and people willingly confided to him their family secrets in the hope of receiving news from the other world.

As time has shown, Van Praag managed to help quite a few people - someone he offered hope someone gives strength to the undertakings, someone warned. So, it is quite often very precise and really knew something about the people who wanted to contact his audience. However, they managed not without skeptics - many believe that all the rooms and the grounds are full of `medium podsadnyh`. True or not - is unknown. We know what people want to believe, James, and he skilfully gave them this faith, or rather sold.

Among the enemies of James Van Praag - a huge number of people, but the majority still believes him. This is not surprising - people are always interested in the other world, and therefore whether James really can look beyond the normal, or is another charlatan, time will tell.

While no hard evidence that James Van Praagh is deceiving the people there, and all those who watch his show, make it absolutely voluntarily.

From privacy medium known that he was openly gay and lives with his partner in 1995.