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BiographyJames was not a member of a prominent political family of Adams, known since the late 18th century. He has served as a freelancer, popularized the last American history course. His three-volume history of New England has been well accepted by scientists.

James Adams Traslou born October 18, 1878, at Yankee family in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn,New York). He received a bachelor`s degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) in 1898, then a master`s at Yale University (Yale University) in 1900. Working in the field of investment banking, Adams became a partner in the firm, is a member of the New York Stock Exchange. In 1912, he consideredthat I had saved enough money to switch to a writing career.

In 1917, Adams, working in President Wilson`s Commission (Wilson), a research group `Inquiry`, helped with the preparation of data for the Paris Peace Conference. By 1918 th, he became a captain in the Military Intelligence Department of the General Staff of the US Army. By the end of 1918of Adams was selected as a representative of the US delegation to the Paris Peace Conference. Its main task was to provide new maps and atlases Military College, the American Geographical Society (American Geographical Society) and the Library of Congress (Library of Congress).Attention at the national level has come to James with the release of his trilogy about the history of New England (1921-1926) , which brought the author a Pulitzer Prize (the first volume). Scientists hailed his work ` The provincial society, 1690-1763` (` Provincial Society, 1690-1763`) on the social history of the colonial era. He also wrote a number of popular books and magazine articles. His book ` Epic Ameriki` (` Epic of America`) became an international bestseller. Adams acted as a scientific editor of the multivolume Dictionary of American history, and together with Roy B. Coleman (Roy V. Coleman) - atlas of American history.

In the book ` Epic Ameriki` 1931-of James coined the term ` American mechta`. His ` American mechta` was the land in which life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone. It was not a dream of luxury cars and high wages ; it was a dream of a social level ,when every man and every woman should have received the necessary conditions to achieve their full growth, to which only they are able from birth, initially, irrespective of the positions they occupied in society.

In one of his essays, `To` Be` or to `Do`: A Note on American Education`, Adams said : ` There are obviouslytwo levels of education. The first has to learn how to make a living, and the second - how to live. Of course, this distinction does not put a single person in a dead end, more or less knows what culture. .. `. In this essay critical of Adams spoke about American education, both at school and at the university level ,and also analyzed the role of American culture and consciousness in the formation of an education system.

James T. Adams lived in Southport, CT (Southport, Connecticut), and died on May 18, 1949 - th.

After 1930 he took an active part in the activities of the American Academy of Arts and Letters (American Academy of Arts and Letters),including acting as treasurer organization. Adams was also a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters (National Institute of Arts and Letters), the Massachusetts Historical Society (Massachusetts Historical Society), the American Philosophical Society (American Philosophical Society) and others. In the UK the level he was awarded membership of the Royal Society of Literature (Royal Society of Lite).

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