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talented orator and downright unsociable

For the opportunity to listen to another speech of James in the hall `AmericanAirlines Arena` gathered a total of more than 17,000 people; of the students arrived at the performance of the fiery orator from afar - were among the guests, even the Australians. Each of them is a visit to a lecture Raydingera cost about $ 1,000 - and none of them not for a moment doubted - and whether this lecture is worth that kind of money? Indeed, not so often the titans of modern level of the financial world, James share their secrets; Raydinger same can simply masterful win the hearts of his listeners, igniting their own enthusiasm.

Ironically, such a gifted speaker - shaped unsociable; residents of South Florida (South Florida) know almost nothing about his legendary neighbor. It is known that there Raydingera `` modestly - vsego-to for 6.7 million dollars - palazzo on Miami Beach (Miami Beach) and more modest - price in kakie-to 3.6 million - yacht.

Whence came this genius of modern business? Ironically, at the school where as many as James gravitated to the big sport, rather than to the exact sciences. Sales Raydinger engaged already in college - and James decided to specialize - that opyat-taki, may surprise the casual observer - in biology. In those days Raydinger worked for the benefit of one of the largest - and scandalous - multiple levels of trade giants, `Amway`. Long as a talented businessman working on kogo-to another, of course, I was not going to - James soon rose to the counselor for direct sales. According to the Archives of North Carolina (North Carolina), Raydinger was directly involved in the activities of `American Gold Eagle`, a multi-level sales network involved in trafficking in gold and silver coins. Ultimately, the network activity has caused a number of issues with the authorities of several states. The company was closed, although formal charges almost none of the employees was not presented; affected only the actual founders of the network, David (David) and Martha Crow (Martha Crowe) - they were charged with fraud in transactions with precious metals.

In 1992, James and his wife Lauren (Loren) and brother Mark Ashley (Marc Ashley), set up in the basement of their home company `Greensboro` `Market America`; from that moment and began conquering clan Raydingerov path to fame.

What is the secret of success of James Raydingera? Well, first of all his fame he has to ability and desire to work with buyers. Nowadays, almost everyone had a chance to ever be faced with a multi-level trade - tempting offers in the spirit of `you will only need to recruit at back to dozens of his friends - and you will automatically receive a percentage of their profits!` At every step in television, Internet and paper press. How did such a large object can be focused on the customer?

Raydinger himself admits that mnogourovnevnost - kakoy-to degree in the last century for his company; Now in his work, he and his assistants are guided precisely to the end customers. The most important role in the planning of surveys play consumer surveys. Just as the need to work on identifying the needs and desires of customers, James begins to launch new projects. Several unusual at first glance, a tactic in practice is incredibly successful - according to the year 2003, the company was worth 191 million dollars.

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