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Date of Birth: 06/03/1964

Age: 52

Birthplace: Taunton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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James Brian Mark Purefoy (James Brian Mark Purefoy, 3.06.1964) - English actor.

Purefoy was born in Taunton, Somerset. In his veins flows a certain bit of French blood. He studied at Sherbourne School, from which he graduated with only one subject, surrendered at the level of `O-Level` (` ordinary uroven`); James continued his studies in the night school and got eleven `O-level`-s and then - all the `A-level`-s ( `` advanced level). After that, he went to study in the British drama school of Speech and Drama, in parallel doing in your free time hard work selling copies of Socialist-Communist Socialist Worker newspaper `` ( `Socialist Worker`).

His first steps in the acting career was the role of Romeo in Romeo and `Dzhuleta` in Leatherhead, Walter in` Mary Morgan` statement Riverside Studios and Alan Strang in `Equus on tour`.

In 1988 Purefoy has entered the ranks of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and then played in productions of classical plays legendary British playwright as `True couple or a trip on the anniversary of` `Macbeth `,` The Tempest `and` King Lear `and the production of the play by George Kofman `The man who came to obed` (` The Man who came to Dinner`).

Then James played Laertes in `Hamlet` performances Bristol theater `Old Vic`, Brian in `Back Up the Hearse and Let them Sniff the Flowers` William Gaminary in Theatre Hampstead, Roland Maul in `Current smile `(` Present Laughter `) Noel Coward Theatre `Globus`, Biff in Death kommivoyazhera`` ( `Death of a Salesman`) c Ken Stott and Judd Law in the theater of West Yorkshire and Tony in` Prisluga` Birmingham Rep. Then he went back to KSHK for staging Simon Kollou - stage version of the classic film `Children rayka` ( `Les enfants du paradis`). He also played the role of Hugh de Morvillya in `Four nights in Narzboro` (` Four Nights in Knaresborough`) Paul Corcoran in Traysikl Tietr and Loveless in Neispravimyy` `(` The Relapse`) at the National Theatre.

Television and film roles, however, have been clearly more Pyurfoya. The `Riddle Boskombskoy doliny` (` The Boscombe Valley Mystery`) - one of movie project `Memoirs of Sherlock Holmse` - he played the accused of the murder of his father James McCarthy. Equally notable was the role of Nicholas Jenkins in vosmiseriynogo drama `Dance music vremeni` (` A Dance to the Music of Time`) Channel 4 in the 1997th. The history rytsarya` `(` A Knight`s Tale`) James played the Black Prince Edward, and `Fair tscheslaviya` (` Vanity Fair`) c Figure Witherspoon - Rawdon Crawley. Following were the main roles in several television costume dramas - `Saber Sharpa` (` Sharpe`s Sword`), `Lodger Uildfill-Holl` (` The Tenant of Wildfell Hall`), `The Prince and nischiy` (` The Prince and the Pauper`), `Mayor Kasterbridzha` (` The Mayor of Casterbridge`), `Black boroda` (` Blackbeard: Terror at Sea`), `This handsome Brammell` (` Beau Brummell: This Charming Man`) and `Rim` ( `Rome`)

The 2007th James has played an important supporting role in the classic works of teleadaptatsii Frankenshteyn` `(` Frankenstein`).

One of the most well-known role of James, of course, is his role of Mark Antony in the HBO television series and the BBC `Rim` channels. The scene, with its full frontal nudity in the fourth episode caused a sensation among the spectators life; immediately rumors began to circulate that at least one of the parts of his body flashed on bare foreground, it has been increased by means of computer graphics.

The 2009th actor landed the role of Teddy Rist in the summer television series `Filantrop` (` The Philanthropist`), which was released in June 2009. His character - a playboy and billionaire decides to use its funds for the benefit of the needy.

In 2005, Purefoy wanted to give the main role in the film `The - means` Vendetta `` ( `V for Vendetta`), but later it was replaced by Hugo Weaving - by the way, a colleague of James on gay British comedy 1998 `Bedrooms and Hallways `(` Bedrooms and Hallways`). It later emerged that the first on the role assumed Weaving yet, but he was prevented from filming in the Australian project `Evkalipt`; later it was canceled, Hugo was released and James gave him a place - according to the actor, Guy Fawkes mask has been too uncomfortable for him.

In 1995, James auditioned for the role of James Bond in the film 1995 `Golden glaz` ( `Goldeneye`), but still lost to Pierce Brosnan. For some time it was rumored that Purefoy would be the successor to Pierce`s agent positions `007`, and that left` in - `means Vendetta`` it for the role in` `Casino Royyal`` (` Casino Royale`)-of 2006. Soon, however, it became clear that this is not true and will be the new Bond Daniel Craig. The rumor went comments from director Brian Helgeland with DVD `History rytsarya`.

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