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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Citizenship : United States

Supersoft fabric and easy cutSupersoft fabrics and simple cut - the main components of casual wear brand `James Perse`. The left side of the flashy designs, prints and patterns, the place which is occupied by simple, natural forms - for T-shirts, tops, dresses and trousers. The color scheme of the mark `James Perse` prefers not go out of fashion shadesincluding black, gray and white net. All the works in the collections of `James Perse` interchangeable, perfectly suitable for the working environment, as well as for recreation.

Founder `James Perse`, James Perse, grew up in California (California). Most of his free time he spent in his father`s boutique ,which adopts the experience and studied the latest trends. At the same time combining his two passions, fashion and sport, Perth at some point discovered that the current fashion market is not able to cater to the teenager with a sense of ` stilya` even in the choice of such a simple thing as a baseball cap. Not wanting to sit back and wait for a certain designer, designer ,who finally will study the tastes of the young generation and create the perfect hat, James himself started to work.

That decision led to the birth of the label `James Perse`. In 1994 there was the first line of t-shirts Pearce, quickly won a whole army of loyal fans who prefer something in between, but always high quality ,between luxury and casual clothing.

In 1996, the brand `James Perse` released the first collection of women`s knitwear, which soon led to the launch of two full collections. The basis of the first, `Standard James Perse`, lay the high quality and the main base of the second ,` James Perse Los Angeles`, was ready fashion clothing, including jackets, sweaters ,trousers and dresses. In 1998 Perpredstavil menswear collection, followed by followed by a line for infants and children.

The first retail store `James Perse` opened its doors in 2003. Sale of goods at retail was chosen. This approach best reflects the culture, the ideas and values of the brand `James Perse`.Currently, `James Perse` - a global brand, which directs the work of nine he owned stores located in California `s native Persian, as well as New York (New York), Colorado (Colorado) and Las Vegas (Las Vegas). In addition, Persian clothing is available in the best riteylerskie networks, such as

`Barneys New York`,`Nordstrom` and ` Saks Fifth Avenue`, and at the international level.

To get a wider audience in 2007 was launched Internet store `James Perse`. Currently being developed unique boutique hotel `James Perse`, which would be at 100% to reflect the essence of the brand

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