James Gordon Brown

Picture of James Gordon Brown

Date of Birth: 02/20/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Glasgow

Citizenship: United Kingdom


James Gordon Brown was born February 20, 1951 in Glasgow in the family priest. In 12 years, he became active in the Labour Party. He graduated with honors from the University of Edinburgh, where he was rector, and later taught, and received his doctorate in his student years.

Since 1983 - a member of the British Parliament. Since 1987 he held several positions in the shadow cabinet of the Labour Party. He became one of the closest allies of Tony Blair and the author of "New Labour" economic program. In 1994, along with Blair claimed the party leadership.

After the victory of the Labour Party in the 1997 election Brown took the post of Minister of Finance. He is credited with major economic innovations Blair`s government, its merit is considered a relative stabilization of the UK economy.

As a colleague of Blair, Brown, at the same time was considered his main rival. One of the main differences interna referred to the issue of joining the UK in the euro zone: Brown attitude to this idea much more skeptical than the Prime Minister.

Within the Labour Party formed a significant fraction "braunitov", some of whom demanded the resignation of Blair in 2005. In 2006, the new Prime Minister Brown wanted to see more than one half of Labour voters.

After Blair announced his intention to retire in the summer of 2007, Brown was considered the most likely candidate to replace him. According to some reports, Blair in 1994. Brown has promised to make his successor. Brown was officially appointed as successor to Blair, 16 November 2006. June 24, 2007, Brown was elected leader of the Labour Party, on June 27, he succeeded Blair as prime minister.

Gordon Brown is married. In 2001, the death of his newborn daughter, in 2003, the couple had a son Browns.