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Date of Birth: 08/24/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

A graduate of Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Author: Elena Murzina

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D`Arsi James was born August 24, 1975 in London`s Fulham (Fulham, London) and received at birth the name of Simon (Simon D`Arcy). And his younger sister Charlotte (Charlotte D`Arcy) raised by his mother, Caroline (Caroline D`Arcy), a nurse by profession. Father James died when he was still small. James was educated at the famous old boarding school Christ`s Hospital (Christ`s Hospital) in Horsham, West Sussex (Horsham, West Sussex), and, after graduating from school in 1991, he went for a year in Australia (Australia), where he worked in theatrical circle one of the schools in Perth (Perth). It was there that he developed an interest in acting. D`Arsi then returned to London (London), and enrolled in drama school.

James was a three-year course of study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, LAMDA), among the graduates of which are David Suchet (David Suchet) and Donald Sutherland (Donald Sutherland), and in 1995 he received his diploma bachelor in acting.

As a student at LAMDA, James appeared in student productions of plays `Gerakl` (Heracles),` How do you ponravitsya` (As You Like It), `med` Wild (Wild Honey),` Holms` Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes) and `The Freedom of the City`. In his own words, only to complete the course and leaving diploma on the bus, he realized that he had become a real actor.

His acting career began in 1996 with small roles on television. James was a student role in an episode of the popular British TV series` Silent svidetel` (Silent Witness), he appeared in the detective series `Delzil and Peskou` (Dalziel and Pascoe) and flashed in the long-running drama` Bruksayd` (Brookside).

Apparently, the young actor has attracted attention as next year, and the roles were pronounced, and he was invited to appear more frequently. He has played on television Nicholas Hawthorne (Nicholas Hawthorne) in `Secrets Rendell` Ruth (Ruth Rendell Mysteries), based on the book of the English writer; Cheshire Lord (Lord Cheshire) in `prividenii` Canterville (The Canterville Ghost); and Jonathan Maybury (Jonathan Maybury) in `Ice dome` (The Ice House). In addition, he appeared in the mini-series` The History of Tom Jones, naydenysha` (The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling) based on the book by Henry Fielding (Henry Fielding).

In 1999 D`Arsi with Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) has played in the drama of the era of the First World War Battle of the `Somme` (The Trench).

Since 2001, D`Arsi played an increasingly large role and the main characters - in the miniseries `serdtsa` Rebel (Rebel Heart), in the film adaptation of Dickens` The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Niklbi` (The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby) and fiction drama `Otkrovenie` (Revelation).

In 2002, he played a young Sherlock Holmes in the television movie in 2003 starred in the drama mini-series `POW` about the fate of prisoners of war at the beginning of the Second World War. Fans of horror films D`Arsi remembered for his role as the father of Francis (Father Francis) in `The Exorcist: Nachalo` (Exorcist: The Beginning, 2004),` The Phantom of the Red reki` (An American Haunting, 2005) and `Vampirsha` (Rise: Blood Hunter, 2007).

On television, he appeared in `Puaro` (Poirot) in an episode of` `The Secret of Blue poezda`` (The Mystery of the Blue, 2005) in the role of Derek Kettering (Derek Kettering) and in the episode` One paltsem` (The Moving Finger) series `Miss Marple Agatha Kristi` (Agatha Christie`s Marple) in the role of Jerry Burton (Jerry Burton).

Historically the BBC show `Ancient Rome - Dawn and Fall Imperii` (Ancient Rome - The Rise and Fall of an Empire, 2007), the actor landed the role of Tiberius Gracchus (Tiberius Gracchus).

In the film adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen (Jane Austen) `Mansfield Park` (Mansfield Park) James starred with actress and singer Billie Piper (Billie Piper), the star of the series` Doctor Who `(Doctor Who).

In 2009-2010, the actor, among others, appeared in the British TV series` Secret Diary of a Call Girl `(Secret Diary of a Call Girl), and in 2011, out of five movies with his participation.

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