James Byrnes

Picture of James Byrnes

Date of Birth: 05/02/1882

Age: 89

Place of birth: Charleston

Citizenship: United States


Home life

Born in Charleston in a family of Irish immigrants. His father died of tuberculosis a few weeks before the boy`s birth. James`s mother, Elizabeth McSweeney Byrnes worked as a dressmaker. Up to 14 years attended Catholic parochial school. He worked as a courier and then as a clerk in a law office. In 1900, to apply for a court stenographer job, he changed his date of birth, adding three years to the required 21. Judge James Oldrich interested in a young man and began to teach him the law. In 1903, Byrnes was admitted to the lawyers, although they had no legal education. In 1906 he married Maud P

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