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Our nomadic museum can settle when we get tired of wandering, - 20 years from now

Pavilion Center for Contemporary Culture "Garage" in the Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky unfolds "only museum." This project Englishman James Brett - from 30 August to 2 September and from 6 to 9 September, he collects "unprofessional portrait of contemporary Russian art." Participants invited everyone who works without special education: housewives, businessmen and builders with the "artistic interests", residents of nursing homes, autistic, homeless. About the upcoming events, the fate of the works and met in the Russian city of artists James Brett, he told "Izvestia".

How to get the exhibits in your museum?

- Most of our authors do not surf the Internet, do not use e-mail, but read newspapers. I hope we will find the "artist number 1" through your publication. Our project - not "about art" and "about communication". Our artists can not weeks to leave the house, but one of the neighbors noticed them and podsunet clipping from the newspaper under the door.

Your method worked in Russia?

- We have already visited Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg. What we bring - it is always interesting and sometimes delightfully.

In Yekaterinburg I met with the head of a branch of the National Centre of Contemporary Art of Alice Prudnikova. "How good that you came to us, James, - she said. - Show that you have brought from London. " I replied: "We have an empty wagon. Exposure entirely created on the spot. " She turned pale and began to call somewhere. Then there was a huge success. We camped by the river, we got a picnic, relaxing atmosphere, many painted in the open air.

One of there street portrait - great-grandson of a rabbi, he was interested in Kabbalah, and when he paints, the "connected with the universe", makes your "space" Portrait simultaneously shows that the inside and outside. When asked what he was doing, he proudly replied, "I deduce contemporary art on the street."

In Kazan, the idol of amateur artist became Sofia Rotaru. Portrait of a beautiful, among them no two are alike. For example, the singer has been shown in the field next to the first president of Tatarstan, and even in the picture were Harvester and grandfather of the artist. Whether he conceptual artist, he would have been on a horse and sold for big money. But he is a very humble man, a builder, painting - it`s his hobby.

Among your authors - not just lovers, but also those who are called marginal?

- We bring pictures of homeless people and autistics come lonely old woman. We come into the studio, where people draw unteachable. They can not talk, but painting - also a way to say something, and they draw much better than others.

How do you choose work?

- We are coming with an empty van, in one part of the jury is (are local artists and curators), in the other - selected works. By the end of the day the wagon is full. Then we go out. When all filled inside and out - is an exhibition of contemporary portrait iskusstvaimenno this city. Unique artists when we invites to participate in the final exhibition in Moscow. Something can go in London collection.

Your Museum - a museum of all, therefore, you take not only the painting?

- Bear sculpture, handmade books, carvings, embroidery ... Sometimes huge canvases, sometimes mirror. If you bring the whole wall - we take. Best of all, when the installation is inscribed in the environment and makes an apartment in the corner of another world. Of course, it is difficult to transport, but we will find a way to show this work. Sometimes we take even philosophical concepts. In Nizhny Novgorod, a man came to the world mind theory - brought their books, charts. Work of art was himself and his idea. We helped him to make a film to present it.

What will happen with the works after the exhibition?

- Without exception, enter the directory. We will return, but some work worthy of a world tour with our museum, and we agree with the authors.

Do you have a museum building and its permanent collection?

- In the UK, there is a museum since 2009. We did an exhibition in the vast territory, we had a wonderful old building, but to change the site interesting. We were received in Turin, at the Tate Gallery in London, and in October we`re going to Paris. When work travel, they see more people. Our exhibition was visited by more than 300 thousand. Spectators. Museum with a separate building and the permanent collection - the ancient idea, and we live in an era of change and the Internet. Our format provides more opportunities.

- Culture of Europe and Russia differ considerably. Arts lovers it reflects?

- Oh, yes, incredibly mysterious Russian soul. In St. Petersburg, the artist-businessman, "Die Hard", paints apocalyptic - vision for the future. He grew up in the Russian Orthodox tradition, but it is strongly influenced by pre-Christian beliefs of Russia. In Kazan, Christianity and paganism is added to Islam, and everywhere - Russian mysticism. In addition, there is a history of crafts, the tradition of making art objects - even if it`s a painted door in a peasant`s house. Plus icons. In Europe, it has no analogues.

And that usually bring to Europe?

- There is no "usual". The artist suffered from autism conduct disorder - often even go to jail. But when he began to carry their strange world on paper, everything will work out. Another artist brought a detailed group sex scene: very nice, but it`s pornography, and he was 86 years old. His partner died, the business collapsed. With us, he had the opportunity to tell people about a very intimate, but the important thing for him, even though we did not put it at the children.

Your museum - project a non-profit?

- In the UK - yes. Admission is free, although it is a box for donations, and money from the government, we do not take, look for charities. Sometimes we organize charity auctions and exhibitions, artists receive royalties.

We have a success, and I think it`s great and should be repeated. If artists and