James Brady

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Date of Birth: 08/29/1940

Age: 73

Place of birth: Centralia

Citizenship: United States


Scott James "Jim" Brady, born August 29, 1940 in Centralia, Illinois.

As a child, Brady was a strong boy scout. In 1962 he graduated from the University of Illinois, received a bachelor`s degree in "Political Science". His political career began James Brady employee in the office of Senator native Illinois Everett Dirksen. In the summer of 1962 he worked in the Ministry of Justice, Antitrust Committee.

In subsequent years, Brady has taught at the University of Illinois, was the director of the Public Relations Society of Medicine of Illinois and served in various social and political position of the state. In 1970, James Brady studied the election campaign in the Phillies Shefli States Congress, from 1973 to 1975 he worked as a special assistant to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development. After he held various positions in the upper unit of power.

The tops of his career, James Brady reached with US President Ronald Reagan in January 1981. At that time, he was appointed assistant to the president and the press secretary of the White House. When, in the same 1981 30 March President Reagan on an attempt was made by John Hinckley. James Brady was seriously wounded in golovu.No, despite a gunshot wound to the head, he remained in the position of press secretary of the White House before the end of the Reagan administration.

After this attempt, James Brady became an ardent supporter of legal regulation of the sale and use of weapons. Immediately after the assassination attempt on Reagan in the press and on television, it was announced the death of James Brady. But he was still alive. For many hours the surgeon Arthur Kobrayn is complicated brain surgery Brady. As the surgeon said, after learning about the messages in the media: "Nobody reported about it (about Brady`s death) neither I nor my patient."

Although Brady was still alive after this attempt, however, he was an invalid; he was partially paralyzed and the rest of his days confined to a wheelchair. Naturally, after such a terrible injury, perform the duties, but remained nominally press secretary he could not the White House at that position until such time as Ronald Reagan is not replaced the next president.

Today, James Brady has won numerous academic degrees. February 11, 2000, President Bill Clinton officially named the Briefing Room of the White House, "James Brady Briefing Room of" in honor of Jim Brady.

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