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Year of birth : 1975

Age: 40 years

Place of birth : Frankston, Texas, USA

Citizenship : SShARost : 180 smVes : 340 kg

I do not want to die from obesity. ..

His life story, called ` My life with 750 funtami`, was told on TLC channel. James shared with the audience the views of doctors, who did not hide from him the sad predictions.If James soon fundamentally will not change your life, it can become a ` nedvizhimost` and even die because of the serious health problems caused by obesity.

` I do not want umirat` - says 38 -year-old James from the Frankston, Texas (Frankston, Texas). American his last legs trying to avoid the same fate ,that befell his father and sister, who are victims of obesity. James weighs 340 kg, and this figure plunged into the horror of himself, when he dared to stand on the scales.

James `s mother said that he felt implicated in the troubles his son. She blames her cooking that has happened, and hopes that the situation will not be James ` too gorkoy`. With tears in her eyes, she added: ` I`m prepared as she could. .. I think the blame should be menya`. The woman also mentioned genetic factor, adding that the disorder may be due to James and family history of disease.

Heavy American thought when he first felt that he could not control his weight. He says : ` About four or five years ago, I went to the doctors, and they acquired these large scales, which vzvesili` me. My first thought was : ` It can not be ! Never ! ` My mother says that ever since James is not weighed less than 340 kg.

Ashamed of his body, James all their time hiding in the walls of their accounts on a farm ,where he works. Only sometimes he allows himself to ride on the tractor and put the hay in the stack. On the way home, James prdpochitaet buy food eatery where you can make an order without leaving the car. ` Most people after work, want to drink beer, - says James. - I just want to poest`.

Mother honestly ,James fell below nowhere after his father`s death, and she almost lost her ` ego`. Six months later, the family has fallen on another misfortune - the death of his sister. Stunned by the death of loved ones, James gained weight even further, becoming much more than his father, who before his death, weighed about 205 kg. Unable to cope with his unsupportable body, James began sleeping in a hospital bed on the first floor of his house. In the same terrible situation remained his father and sister before their body can not withstand. Mother remembers this period: ` When James took the bed, I thought, ` What is it ? He `s next in line ? `. Nevertheless,her son began to frantically search for ways of how to reverse the situation, which has driven itself.

The new James teleepizode of life, now called ` My life with 600 pounds (270 kg) `, it was said that the next stage of its slimming expects gastric bypass surgery. James shared his hopes and said ,that one day hopes to have a family, to heal yourself and finally leave her mother`s house

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James 750lb Man picture
James 750lb Man photo
James 750lb Man image
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