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For many, his face remains unknown. Jaheim himself says that sometimes people do not know it. But it is as if a part of his image. Artist,

sold millions of albums, took part in almost pop hit with My Place by Nelly, it seems an ordinary person, if ordinary passers-by.

It is like the guy with the district,which looks great and is as good singing, and all the girls want to be with him. This image is supported in his work. Jaheim makes real, life love songs about situations that arise with him about their own experiences. His songs are autobiographical, as, for example, I Is not Never,where he confesses "I done broke up bricks with baking soda in the kitchen. .. squoze triggers, robbed niggas and stole". They are lyrical, full of words, embossing emotions like Daddy Thing, tells about his stepfather, which has become unnecessary after the return of his own father. Jaheim makes people believe him, and among other things,he has a more substantial weapons. His voice. ..

He was only 2 years old when he lost his father. Mother of three children almost in poverty. "I used to go to school and did not know where the next meal` ll get, "- recalls his childhood Jah.At age 7, he got in touch with the street, with all its consequences. And at the same time,it was born the love of music. "Roman" began when Jah first heard his mother singing "I want to thank you heavenly father. .." Alicia Myers. .. Man evolved, speaking with his brother in the church, where the public is invited to sing them all the time. So Jaheim had a dream that someday people will pay for it, listen to it.His idol was always Luther Vandross. That his record played Jaheim ears when he was selling drugs in your own Brunswick New, NJ. His trouble with the law even more evident when he lost his mother. She died from complications of meningitis. At this point, Jaheim felt that he has nothing more to lose. "I`m like a lost consciousness for a while,doing things that thought will never be able to do. My hands got a lot of people, and then some will never be the same. "However, he was able to think again. He turned again to music.After recording a demo with Perepetui Never Too Much Luther Vandross, Jah gave it to the guys from Naughty By Nature. Then it came to him and popularity.Debut 2001 Ghetto Love made people fall in love Jaheim. He could not tear the dance floor as Usher, is not stamped hits like R. Kelly, but he had in front of them is one significant advantage. He showed himself as a man with an expressive voice and charisma. The next album, Still Ghetto only confirmed his status.But along with a successful career Jaheim actor he suffered from police. In 2004, he was twice "adopted" them. Last time the police stopped him Mecedes-Benz and found 25 bags of marijuana. Jaheim was charged with possession and distribution of drugs.On this Jaheim I responded as follows: "They do not want to see a successful young black guy They want to put us even have to be glad that I`m not doing those things that worked before.."

2006 marked the release of the third solo album, Ghetto Classics. The album is an original,which is why many might have thought that this work is uninteresting. But this is not the case. Songs recorded Jaheim, by definition, can not be uninteresting. His talent is bright, and it makes Jah unique artist on the contemporary R`n`B scene. It is compared to Teddy Pendergrass same Luther Vandross, Jaheim,and is a worthy successor of their cases.

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