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Jagged Edge - Four magnificent! The most powerful places on the formation stage rotten modern R & B.With all due respect to the talents of Jermaine Dupri as an entrepreneur and a businessman,I would say that he has not forgotten just about the music component of the wards he groups and "raised" the team for which will not be ashamed in front of the younger generation, a group that may, over time, has earned the right call themselves "the future of R & B". Four beauties, the present city of romance, make excellent urban R & B,mixing in the right proportions upscale ballads with commercial dance club - primitive, without losing its face, with its own sound, which is always recognizable. Colorful booklet to the first disk group "A Jagged Era" contains photographs of all team members with their names and nicknames. So, Jagged Edge - is: Brian Casey (Brasco),Brandon Casey (Case Dinero), Kyle Norman (Quick), and Richard Wingo (Wingo Dollar). Brian and Brandon - twin brothers. Getting all the members of the group - a whole story, which, however, I propose to omit, to pay more attention to the music and place directly Jagged Edge.

The first single,Jagged Edge "The Way That You Talk" In 1997 came the firm Jermaine Dupri So So Def. Usual song with a rap from the JD and Da Brat, from which hardly anyone took assumethat group of great potential. But here comes the debut album "A Jagged Era". Describing his "technical",suffice it to say that the disk has got the "gold" and added "The Way That You Talk" another hit "Gotta Be", hit the Top 20 R & B and Top 40 Pop charts. But speaking about the musical part of the album, we note "Funny How", "Ready & Willing", "For The Rest Of Our Lives". First-class ballads, which never say ,their twenties guys sing. "Funny How" particularly noteworthy for the exquisite sound and sentimental lyrics. Fades out with the words "Take the rain away,

give me back my sunny days "beautifully adorns the already expressive song.

In recent years there has been a tendency to fill in the groups of 4-5 in the R & B music, of which, at best,only two sing. The same thing happened with Jagged Edge. None of the released albums sings Kyle Norman.Richard`a Wingo can be heard only on hukah and improvisations in the endings of songs. Jagged Edge fans scratching their heads in the forum of the official team site, trying to tell them apart and voices Brian`a Brandon`a.it was reported that Norman is wanted on charges of illegal possession of weapons and drugs in 2003 on the Internet.search was conducted at his home in Atlanta, during which several people were arrested and produced by the removal of large amounts of money and marijuana. The situation was "hushed up",because at that time were planned tour groups by state, and this kind of investigation could lead to their failure. Besides all these allegations strongly contradicted the romantic image of the group. In 1999, Jagged Edge recorded excellent in its integrity and completeness of the album "J.E. Heartbreak ",to paraphrase the title of the album group New Edition, on the music they grew up. Once in an interview with the guys said, that many soul artists talk about Marvin GeV and The Temptations like their idols, and they will not lie and say that they were too young and therefore listened to Keith Sweat, Guy, and Hi-Five.Traditions in writing emotional ballads have been met, and on this album. "Tru Man", "He Can not Love You" and "Let`s Get Married" Rule in neutralize abuse Ja hip-hopovom "Girl Is Mine". Next plate "Jagged Little Thrill" is slightly inferior to the previous one, but in general can withstand comparison.On this CD there are frankly not udavshiesya things, but at the same time there with them and their little urban "masterpieces".

We should not forget that music Jagged Edge - Music certainly commercial, but without ceasing to be such, it is both professional, and sometimes sincere and heartfelt. For example,the song "In The Morning" last album "Hard" by no means a purely commercial track. Even the words of the song out of the general erotic canvas, so popular in the content of contemporary R & B songs. New CD Jagged Edge 2006 contains an emblem of the presence of profanity that can not hurt,but I think this is nothing more than a simple desire to earn extra money by extending the audience in such a simple way.

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