Jacques Verges

Picture of Jacques Verges

Date of Birth: 05/03/1925

Age: 88

Place of birth: Rattanakosin

Citizenship: France

Lawyer terrorists, revolutionaries and dictators

He became famous as an advocate of a number of extremely unpopular leaders - like the Nazi Klaus Barbie (Klaus Barbie), terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sancheca (Ilich Ram & # 237; rez S & # 225; nchez), better known under the alias Carlos the Jackal (Carlos the Jackal) and Algeria Jamila revolutionary Buhired (Djamila Bouhired). Thanks largely to such a peculiar list of clients given the nickname `dyavola` lawyer.

Jacques Verges, like many lawyers, is known primarily thanks to their clients. Protect Verger`ve personalities highly unusual - among his clients were terrorists and Nazi criminals, revolutionaries and dictators.

Verger was born in the kingdom of the Rattanakosin (Rattanakosin Kingdom), grew up on the island of Reunion (R & # 233; union); he was the son of a French diplomat and a Vietnamese mother. In 1942, his father persuaded Jacques to go to Liverpool (Liverpool) and join Charles de Gaulle (Charles de Gaulle) and antinatsistkomu Resistance. In 1945, Verger joined the French Communist Party.

After the war, Jacques entered the University of Paris (University of Paris) and studied law for a while. In 1949, Jacques became president `Association for Colonial Students`; later it was thanks to this association, he met and became friends with Pol Pot (Pol Pot).

Returning to France, Verger started to practice; he became famous quite rapidly because of his love for complex and high-profile trial. Jacques was able to visit a number of Algerian defender of terrorists; Verger actively supports the desire of Algeria (Algiers) to gain independence, and even compared the French colonial government with the Nazis. The most famous of his ward became revolutionary djamila bouhired, accused the French authorities of terrorism. Proven Verger new tactics - the lawyer began to present the opposing party the same accusations that were presented his client - the noise made considerable, but to win it is not helped; Buhired sentenced to death. Later, however, Jamil was released - too loud resonance produced business; Jamila later married her lawyer - by then converted to Islam.

Shortly after the independence of Algeria, Verger became a citizen of a free country, and took the name `Mansur`. The lawyer was engaged in during the period, 1970 to 1978-th, it is not known to this day; Some believe that he spent this period in Cambodia (Cambodia), with Pol Pot and others allegedly Mark it in the company of the Palestinian war in the Arab countries.

When he returned from his mysterious travels, Verger continued to defend the `customers` loud; During this period he had the opportunity to visit a lawyer Georges Ibrahim Abdallah (Georges Ibrahim Abdallah), and the legendary `myasnika` Lyon, Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie (Klaus Barbie).

In 1999, Jacques Verges sued `amnistiyu` International (Amnesty International); Verger acted on behalf of the Government of Togo (Togo). In 2001, Jacques - as a representative of a number of African leaders - sued Francois-Xavier Vershava (Fran & # 231; ois-Xavier Verschave), author of the book `Noir silence`.

After the US invaded Iraq (Iraq) and overthrew President Hussein (Saddam Hussein), lost their posts a number of prominent officials. It is known that Verger offered himself as a defender of Saddam; Hussein`s family, however, chose to assemble a team of Jordanian lawyers.

In April 2008, before the Cambodian tribunal appeared on charges of genocide one of the leaders of the `red khmerov`, Khieu Samphan (Khieu Samphan). I defend it all the same Verger; In his speech, Jacques pressed on what Samphan has never hidden the fact of mass executions and assassinations - and, as head of state, should not be directly responsible for them.

on August 15 2013, Jacques Verger died in Paris; at the time of his death he was 88 years old.