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Date of Birth: 05/03/1892

Age: 78

Place of birth: Montreal

Citizenship: United States

analyzer theory of marginal utility

Weiner was born in 1892 in Montreal, Quebec (Montreal, Quebec), in a family of Romanian immigrants. In 1914 he graduated from McGill University (McGill University). Weiner received a doctorate at Harvard (Harvard University); He wrote his thesis under the direction of Frank Taussig (Frank W. Taussig), a renowned expert in international trade. From 1916 he taught at the University of Chicago walls (University of Chicago) and 1917 th and 1919 th and 1946 th Weiner. For some time he also worked at Stanford (Stanford University) and Yale (Yale University); twice he took in the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies).

In 1946, Weiner moved to Princeton (Princeton University), where he worked until his departure for a deserved rest in 1960.

Weiner has played an important role in a number of government projects; so that for some time he advised the Treasury Henry Morgenthau (Henry Morgenthau). During World War II Dr. Weiner has worked at the Council on Foreign Relations (Council on Foreign Relations), together with Alvin Hansen (Alvin Hansen).

As in Chicago and at Princeton Weiner already proved incredibly strict professor; Perspective students study economics under him literally plunges into horror. Only friends and family Weiner was known as an extremely thoughtful, sarcastic and at the same time a good man. Those students who managed to meet the strict requirements Weiner, later became a highly talented economists; so it is in Jacob Viner once studied the future Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman (Milton Friedman).

During the Great Depression, Weiner has proved a clear opponent of John Maynard Keynes (John Maynard Keynes). Promoted Keynes public expenditure policy Weiner arranged, but the methods of analysis of economic situation seemed to him extremely unreliable and unfit for the long term.

The most important research Weiner is still considered his work on the history of economic thought `Studies in the Theory of International Trade`.

Jacob Weiner died on 12 September 1970.

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