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Crown concert chip was the use of a mediator instead of a toy rooster during the song "She Love`s My Cock". The crowd simply dragged from this little things.

This American metal band was formed in Atlanta in 1992. The structure of "Jackyl" included such personalities as the founder vocalist Jesse James Dupree, guitarists Jimmy Stiff and Jeff Worley, bassist Tom Bettini and drummer Chris Worley. Taking the style of "AC / DC" group began to conquer the neighborhood of Atlanta, gathering more and more people to their concerts. Soon the guys noticed one of the managers "Geffen Records" John Kalodner. With the help of the group entered into a contract with the company and went to Los Angeles to record their debut album. A month later the session was finished. The disc has sold 1.2 million.

The most popular song "I Stand Alone", "Down On Me", "When Will It Rain", "The Lumberjack" and "Dirty Little Mind", constantly turn on the radio stations shtatovskih. Then followed a busy tour schedule, including performances with the "Lynyrd skynyrd", "Damn yankees" and "Slaugter".

Crown concert chip was the use of a mediator instead of a toy rooster during the song "She Love`s My Cock".The crowd simply dragged from this little things. In 1994 Kalodner moved to the "Epic Records" and "Jackyl" with him changed labels. Meanwhile, the second disc "Push Comes To Shove" was " gold " status, and the musicians continued touring. In 1997 the band released the single "Locked And Loaded" with the composition ,written by Jesse Dupree co-authored with Brian Johnson of "AC / DC". The two met in 1993, and has long been going to create something together. At the beginning of 1997, "Jackyl" performed at the festival "Livestock VII", held in Florida. During the performance of "Locked And Loaded" They are joined by Johnson.

In the same 1997-m came out the next studio album, "Cut The Crap". Nice to get the title track, as well as the tracks "Dumb-Ass Country Boy", "Open Up", "Let`s Don`t Go There" and "Twice As Ugly". Followed by a tour to promote the album, as well as further tour in the company of such monsters as the "Kiss" and "Aerosmith".However, in 1998 the group started having problems with his major label and the contract was canceled. Disc 1998 "Stayin` Alive" was released by a small "Shimmer Tone Recording Company". The album contains a live and studio tracks. "Gimme Back My Bullets" - a cover version of "Lynyrd skynyrd" also was there. Later on, "Geffen Records" was released a collection of "Choice Cuts", which included covers of the Beatles` "I Am The Walrus" and grandfankovskoy "We`re An American Band". In 2000, James Dupree released a solo album, a record which was attended by bassist Roman Glick and guitarist John Hayes. Brothers Jeff and Chris Worley at that time founded the project "Super V".In 2001, the updated "Jackyl" (Dupree, Worli and Glick brothers) held another round. In 2002, Brian Johnson gave another group of his song - "Kill The Sunshine".

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