Jackson Gordon

Picture of Jackson Gordon

Age: 1021

Citizenship: United States

This Batman costume is made for donations

Spending a lot of time in his studio, Jackson has made a real armor, cloak and hood-mask matte black, which are able to withstand the impact of a knife. Gordon found his calling five years ago, when he began his experiments with cosplay.

`I used to be involved in the process of making the costumes, - he explains. - I made the one of Batman`s costume versions of the trilogy `Dark rytsar` Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan). I really liked this kostyum`.

Gordon, however, said that although the suit was perfect in terms of design, it is clearly not enough functionality and authenticity.

He says: `Every time I put it, I was upset. It limited my mobility, and this is not what you expect from Betmena`.

In September 2014 Jackson decided to create a new superhero costume that would not have prevented the rapid movement, provide real protection and functioned as a `realnyy` Batman costume.

Gordon wanted his outfit stood under the direct or oblique stabbed, softened powerful blows, including a baseball bat, but at the same time was quite easy and quite obedient `` so that it can be applied in the case. To achieve this goal, Jackson took the expensive materials.

The student decided to conduct a campaign on the website `Kickstarter`. He says: `In fact, I did not think kto-to want to donate money or even just interested in my idea `. However, in six days, he managed to collect 1255 dollars. Gordon was quite impressed by the results.

As he gave preference to Kevlar, a synthetic fiber to replace steel as the base material. `This fiber is resistant to piercing and cutting attacks oruzhiya` cold, but at the same time, it allows the skin to breathe.

Refraining from traditional materials, Jackson chose a modified polyurethane foam low elasticity (memory foam), originally devised to reduce the load on the astronauts. This unusual material has a porous structure. Gordon used it in the `` key points of the suit, which normally accounts for the largest load to dissipate impact energy.

After a series of experiments with polycarbonate and extruded PVC profiles, Gordon has created tough `armor plastiny` placed on the torso, arms and legs. The plates are kept a knife, stand anything, in the words of Jackson, in addition to the shot.

mask-hood was more problematic, that `virtually nevozmozhno` create from the above materials under Gordon workshop. In view of this resourceful student, first created for the mask blank on the form of your head using a plastic Sintra, which is easy to heat, even under hot water.

workpiece surface is covered with several layers of clay sculpture and soft plastics to achieve recognition with a mask-hood of Batman. Further manipulation of the pouring liquid polyurethane led to the birth of `sound and funktsionalnoy` mask-hood ...

Gordon Jackson - an expert of Shaolin kung fu. He has both the muscles and the brain. It is a cross between the fictional Bruce Wayne (Bruce Wayne) and designer Lucius Fox (Lucius Fox), who came up with costume for Batman in Nolan`s trilogy.

Jackson appeared in a suit at a rally of fans of superheroes and showed it to his fellow students and lecturers. After heaps of positive feedback and attention from the media student I decided to establish its own site `Armatus Design`, where even today you can buy a Batman mask for 275 dollars.

Soon, Gordon put up for sale `Combat Jacket`, combat jacket, which already has a special demand. Among those wishing to purchase a mask and jacket Jackson were not only kospleyschiki, but also martial arts lovers, motorcyclists and quad `pogonschiki`.

Most likely, because of its versatility and serious problems with the copyright in the production site `Armatus Design` never see the legendary symbol of the bat. Gordon says that will not expand their business while studying at the university, and will not use your Batman costume as a project for the protection of the thesis.