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15 -year-old American student, winner of the Science Fair `Intel` of 2012 (2012 Intel Science Fair).The first place - and later the prestigious award named after Gordon Moore (Gordon E. Moore Award) - Andraca received for research is highly significant - he managed to find a completely new way to treat pancreatic cancer.

Cancer - in all the variety of its forms and manifestations - is considered one of the most dangerous diseases of our time ;despite the fact that doctors still have learned to deal with it - and often sought in this fight pretty good results - the final decision cancerous problems found so far failed. It may seem that if this decision ever and will, most certainly find him mature and held scientistholds several doctorates and the Hirsch index of several tens. Recent events, however, showed that less than eminent academics are able to achieve impressive results. So, one of the last serious blows received from cancer

15 -year-old jack andraka. At the next science fair Andraca presented attention of judges is not a hundredth of the account of the volcano model of vinegar and baking soda ; Jack has developed a completely new method for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

What exactly is the 15- year-old high school student won the main prize - amounting, by the way ,$ 75,000 ? How did he manage to win more than 1,500 competitors from 70 countries in the world ? It is necessary to admit that especially impressive his performance was no different - a brilliant creation Andraca, in fact, is a small piece of filter paper is quite normal. What is unique in this piece ? As it turns out ,man previously dipped it into a solution of special carbon nanotubes - hollow cylinders with walls as thick as an atom, coated with special antibodies. It is through these antibodies bind to the desired tube viruses and proteins. These nanotubes - a thing is not new ; something similar was studied as early as 2008-m at the University of Delaware (University of Delaware) and in 2009 in South Korea (South Korea). Andraca key point of the project is extremely interesting note - the electrical conductivity of nanotubes, as it turned out, quite a radical change with changes in the distance between them. It should also be noted ,that after the capture of the desired protein tube by itself, slightly move away from each other ; this shift may well be detected by electrical devices. Jack in their experiments used the tester quite banal - bought for $ 50 at a nearby hardware store ; coursein practice, physicians will be able to use a much more accurate devices. However, even with a simple tester nanotube sensor Andraca shows extreme sensitivity and an equally extraordinary precision. In a single -blind test samples Jack 100 sensor was able to detect the presence of mezotelina - protein ,Traditionally used as a biological marker for pancreatic cancer. The protein in this proposed solution is contained in an amount extremely insignificant - no more than 0.156 nanograms per milliliter ; normal concentration, by the way, is almost 100 times more.The invention Andraca interesting not only because of its sensitivity - it is also extremely accurate in itself ; it is assumed that the false positive and false negative response unit practically impossible.

Used until now technology - the so-called enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,ELISA) - running at about 168 times slower costs more and 267 times to 400 times less sensitive. It is assumed that the sensor is able to calculate Jack hazardous proteins before the cancer has time to be fixed in a patient`s body. One Andraca sensor costs about $ 3 (compared to ELISA device costs about 800) ;one sensor can be done up to ten checks, each takes only five minutes. By the way, only one anti-cancer potential destination sensor jack andraka not exhausted - it is expected that the device will be able to analyze the stability of patients to various antibiotics and to monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapyand radiotherapy.

Now Andraca busy obtaining a patent for his creation ; very soon he will present his creation to the judgment of the American Association for Cancer Research (American Association for Cancer Research).

June 25, Jack spoke to the Congress ; inter alia,He noted the critical importance of sponsoring additional research of pancreatic cancer - currently kills approximately 94.5 % of its victims. Contacted with jack andraka and representatives of a number of private companies - businesses are more than willing to try to earn some money on new anticancer sensors.

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