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High-profile scandals involving American lobbyist

Once powerful lobbyist Jack Abramoff lost some of its influence after a series of high-profile political scandals. Abramoff was convicted of corruption and several episodes of complicated fraud - and, ultimately, was sentenced to a prison term.

Jack Allan Abramoff - American entrepreneur, producer, writer and expert on lobbying. He is best known as the central figure in a very, very loud corruption scandal. Jack was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Atlantic City, New Jersey), a Jewish family. When the boy was 10 years old, his family moved to Beverly Hills, California (Beverly Hills, California). There Abramoff successfully graduated from high school and here in 12 years, he decided to become an Orthodox Jew. After graduating from Brandeis University Abramoff admitted to Georgetown University, where he successfully obtained a doctorate in law. In addition, immediately after receiving the bachelor`s degree, Jack took part in the elections for the post of chairman of the Republican National Committee Colleges. The campaign Abramoff was worth more than $ 11,000 and was led by Grover Norkvista (Grover Norquist). Jack managed to win soon after his main rival, Moritz Amy (Amy Moritz), persuaded to participate in the elections to give. Norkvist later became executive director of the Committee ; Amy Moritz, incidentally ,subsequently repeatedly worked with Abramoff.

As an influential businessman and a respected citizen, over time, Jack has managed to become highly influential lobbyist. Connections his impressive ; he had friends in the very highest levels of the American government. In 2001, Jack became a member even assembled by the Bush administration advisory committee. According to reports, 3 GDSs Abramoff got 485 contacts in the White House - and was an aide to Bush among those contacts, Karl Rove (Karl Rove).

August 11, 2005, Abramoff and Adam throws (Adam Kidan) have been accused of fraud. According to the available materials, fraud Abramoff and throw cranked in the 2000th ,during the transaction for buying `SunCruz Casinos` from Konstantinos Bulis (Konstantinos` Gus` Boulis). He was accused of falsifying business of money transfer ; forged document about the payment of 23 million was sufficient to obtain a loan of 60 million. supposedthat helped carry out fraudulent transactions as a member of the House of Representatives Bob Ney (Bob Ney). After the partners bought the casino, their relationship with Bulis deteriorated markedly ; In December 2000, CIDA and Bulis even managed to fight. In February 2001, Konstantinos Bulis was killed in his car ; investigation into the case is still under way ,although now it featured 3 gangster, like receiving money from CIDA. Controversial casino is now owned by the company `Oceans Casinos Cruises`.

January 4, 2006, Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud ; on the conditions for recognition, limited time for Jack 7 years ,and to serve them, he could ` parallelno` with a term in the case of corruption in Washington. It was also assumed that this period could be reduced if Abramoff express willingness to cooperate fully.

March 29, 2006, Abramoff and throws were found Winona. Both received the minimum time (70 months) and were sentenced to a fine of 21. 7 million dollars. According to published materials, the judge has received more than 260 requests for leniency ; wrote their people of every persuasion - rabbis, military and even professional players.

In 2002, the Abramoff was arrested on charges of a secret contract for lobbying bill. On November 18, 2002-th was requested full list involved in the contract; November 19, issuing this requirement Black Frederick (Frederick A. Black) was removed from the post of chief prosecutor and the case temporarily subsided. The shift happened completely unexpectedly ; Black held the post since of 1991. A new investigation of the case began only in 2005-th and continues to this day.

Jack was also the defendant in the case of Howard Hills (Howard Hills) and Tony Sanchez (Tony Sanchez); the duo was accused of embezzlement and illegal influence trusted property. The thread on the case and led to Abramoff, but ultimately no punishment he did not suffer, and the charges against him were dropped. Not less noise produced and the scandal surrounding the Indian casinos ; Abramoff and his partner Michael Scanlon (Michael Scanlon) accused of trying to illegally obtain from speculators gambling business worth about $ 85 million. Cranked companions operation gracefully - they have organized to lobby against the casino ,then inviting them to own (and, of course, not free) services of lobbyists. This implementation of a circus trick ` brba Nanai malchikov` the political arena could not cause the authorities a number of serious objections. 21 November 2005, Scanlon admitted bribing a number of high-ranking officials. 3rd January 2006-of Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion. Victims of scams Jack and his colleagues were mainly representatives of the Indian tribes ; Abramoff had to pay at least $ 25 million obtained by illegal means. IRS Jack owes another 1.7 million. Among the officials,that Abramoff bribed by his own admission, was already mentioned and Bob Ney - confessed in September 2006, to conspiracy and making false statements.

September 4, 2008, the Court of Washington found Jack guilty of political power with the help of expensive gifts of all kinds. For this he was sentenced to 4 years in prison - which ,however, to date not developed obtained in another case, but merged.

In prison, Abramoff spent 4 years from 6 on 15 November 2006, he was sent to jail non-strict mode in Cumberland, Maryland (Cumberland, Maryland); 8 June of 2010 he was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland),where Jack and stayed until the end of his term. In June 2010, Abramoff arranged a local kosher pizzeria, where he worked until his release.

In July 1986, Abramoff married Pamela Clark Alexander (Pamela Clarke Alexander); later they were born 5 children.

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